The Crew 2 Review

The Crew 2 for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC is an always-online arcade racing diversion from Ubisoft. It’s come out four years after The Crew and it promises a outrageous universe with a far-reaching accumulation of vehicles and races. Not customarily does The Crew 2 underline customary transport races, yet it also has off-road racing, aeroplane stunts, vessel racing, and many more. This diversion is set in a USA and it allows we to expostulate from seashore to seashore while participating in opposite events. The Crew 2 promises a lot yet how many of it is accessible during launch and how good is it? We played a diversion to find out.

In a prior game, a diseased story mode walked we by several forms of races and forced we to play by all of them to progress. This time Ubisoft has divided a universe into 4 opposite forms of events — transport racing, off-road races, freestyle, and pro racing. You can collect adult events from any of these forms of races during any time to swell in a game. You can transparent some-more events by gaining some-more fans and we can acquire these by winning races or behaving several stunts as we expostulate by a diversion world. This is related to your recognition in a game. You start as a Rookie and can swell all a approach adult to a Icon level. Once we spin an Icon, a diversion still lets we spin adult all a approach to Icon spin 999, maybe usually to prerogative we for persistence.

All races need a smallest recognition spin for entrance and that’s how The Crew 2 creates we keep racing. The diversion gives we a ability to quick transport to races right from a start. This means we can totally skip The Crew 2’s giveaway expostulate mode, that as a name suggests, lets we try any facet of a diversion universe (from seashore to coast, it’s over 100km of in-game pushing according to Ubisoft) and it takes around an hour even if we have a unequivocally quick car, that is surprising. We found ourselves usually streamer to a Activity add-on in options and selecting races to get into given there’s tiny else trustworthy to a giveaway expostulate mode in terms of course and a environments we competition by aren’t a best looking.

Speaking of visuals, we have to regard The Crew 2 for extraordinary automobile detailing nonetheless a backdrops weren’t always a best looking. We did like some continue effects such as snow, yet lots of in-game elements such as people, a impression (while roving a motorcycle), animals, and a view don’t live adult to a same standard. The time of a day keeps changing in a game, that is a good hold yet it does tiny to make a tasteless vistas demeanour beautiful.

During one such race, we found ourselves zipping by a panorama on slight roads. We witnessed a morning in a diversion and that felt some-more like an distrurbance than a pleasing stage that we wish to admire interjection to a craziness in a visuals. This seemed generally comfortless given other racing games’ morning and nightfall sections are customarily a many discriminating and good looking to uncover off a best of what they have to offer.


This brings us to a controls and a pushing knowledge in a Crew 2. We were a bit angry by a somewhat floaty controls primarily yet we got used to it in a few hours. However, a far-reaching accumulation of pushing practice on offer is one of a biggest and points of The Crew 2. You can clearly tell a disproportion between a deposit racing automobile and a drag racing car. The former is distant some-more manoeuvrable while a latter can go good over 500kmph while being nearby unfit to turn.

Similarly, any category of automobile feels opposite to expostulate and we will notice this even when we switch between dual vehicles of a same class. We beheld this even with planes and motorboats. It’s transparent that Ubisoft poured in a lot of resources into a pushing knowledge and it’s protected to contend that, for a many part, The Crew 2 has delivered on this front.

This is given a one area where The Crew 2 lags behind is a motorbike pushing experience. We found a motocross bike racing aspect to be a bit too unrealistic. No matter how badly we crash, a supplement will never tumble off a bike in this game. The motorbike races underline some violent jumps yet they’re not anywhere nearby as well-designed as a other races.

Another area of alleviation is The Crew 2’s in-game navigation. Many of a races are on open roads where we could simply take a wrong spin and skip a checkpoint. The GPS in this diversion is in one dilemma of a shade and mostly we beheld a spin too late. Some kind of an on-screen protracted existence character navigation would assistance a diversion a lot. There are some sealed circuit lane races in a Pro Racing territory of a game. We didn’t suffer these all that many given many of a marks were a bit too far-reaching even if a pushing knowledge was great. Street racing and off-road events are The Crew 2’s best races during a moment.

We unequivocally enjoyed behaving some crazy stunts while flapping planes. The perfect fun of flapping your craft inverted during a low altitude, roughly skimming a aspect of a land or sea is stirring and a freestyle races that let we seamlessly switch between boat, car, and craft has many of The Crew 2’s wow moments.


This diversion doesn’t have many in a approach of a story so that allows we to concentration on a racing. Each of a 4 classes of events does have a tiny story to keep we hooked. It’s another various of a same “rookie’s tour to a top” that we’ve seen millions of times in racing games and we can safely omit it and keep winning races.

Every time we win, we acquire some tools upgrades for your vehicles. Parts are personal into common, rare, and epic categories with a names suggesting how effective they are. This aspect of a diversion doesn’t interest many to us and seemed redundant, as after a indicate we usually abandoned rob tools altogether and kept shopping improved cars for races.

The Crew 2 has dual forms of banking — Bucks and Crew Credits. Bucks is a practical banking that can be totally warranted in a diversion simply by racing. Crew Credits can be warranted in diversion any time we lift your celebrity level, and we can also buy these with genuine money. We’re not fans of in-game micro-transactions in full-price AAA games, yet to be satisfactory to Ubisoft, Crew Credits are totally optional. The diversion is inexhaustible adequate with Bucks that we could simply buy one of a tip 3 vehicles in any category within a few hours of racing.

With The Crew 2, there’s one large doubt that we usually can't answer. Why is this diversion an online-only game? The impulse a Internet tie drops, you’re kicked out of a game. Ubisoft is pitching The Crew 2 as an MMO (massively multiplayer online) diversion yet right now a multiplayer aspect is really limited. You can entice friends and try a universe with them in giveaway expostulate mode or we can emanate a celebration of adult to 4 for an online commune session. The commune mode allows we to try several hurdles with friends and even if one chairman succeeds, everybody else in a celebration gets a rewards. For instance, we aren’t really good during flapping so we could entice a crony to assistance us finish deposit hurdles in a game.

The large repudiation is PvP (player contra player) mode, that means we can’t competition opposite your friends. Ubisoft says it’ll be prepared in “Winter 2018” so we should get it as a giveaway refurbish by December. However, this mode is one of a biggest reasons for a diversion being online only, and if it’s not prepared during launch, we feel there’s no indicate shopping The Crew 2 right now. Its deficiency is confusing when we cruise The Crew had it during launch.


To be satisfactory to Ubisoft, a association is famous to repair a games and stability to supplement facilities a prolonged time after launch. With Crew 2, Ubisoft has betrothed a new fortify and a new underline any 3 months, detached from dual new cars any month for a initial year. You will see hovercrafts and “legendary” tools being combined to a diversion in Sep and PvP mode by December. We consider that a association will supplement military chases to a diversion too as it was speckled in one of a trailers, and was benefaction in a initial game. This is good to know, yet we can customarily examination what’s there in The Crew 2 right now, and that doesn’t seem like much, quite given a fact we are profitable a full cost right now.

With a races that we played, we did like a fact that there’s no handholding in this game. There’s no rewind underline for we to go behind a few seconds to redress your motorist errors. This hurdles players to learn how to control vehicles in this diversion and kept us bending to lots of races where we kept perplexing until we finished first. At a same time we did feel that a AI is a problem with The Crew 2. It doesn’t scale as good as it could and does not say a unchanging spin of plea by a generation of a competition as we mostly saw a 8 or 10-second lead spin into print finishes in a race’s failing moments even during normal difficulty.

It’s not as bad as a AI during military chases in The Crew that had a cops roughly teleport during your location, yet it’s a dire regard all a same. We also speckled a bug where trade vehicles incidentally seem out of skinny air, that is baffling. Another teenager oppose is that a horn is too still — it’s not even louder than a engine sound.

Knowing how Ubisoft rubbed a launch of a initial game, we consider that by this time subsequent year The Crew 2 could good be a totally opposite game. With some-more disciplines, a PvP mode, and a few bugs ironed out, The Crew 2 has a intensity to be a plain choice to a Forza Horizon series. At a impulse though, The Crew 2 is incomplete, has no reason to be an always-online game, and doesn’t give we many of a means to try a immeasurable world. Even yet a racing events and pushing practice are fun, The Crew 2 is not good adequate for we to compensate a full price. We have a clever guess that Ubisoft pushed forward with a launch sans PvP mode given Forza Horizon 4 is literally on a horizon. Unfortunately, in a stream state, The Crew 2 doesn’t even bluster 2016’s Forza Horizon 3.


  • Vast world
  • Driving experience
  • Thrilling freestyle events
  • Great automobile fact and variety


  • Always online
  • No Player vs Player mode
  • Rubber banding AI
  • Average visuals for all solely vehicles
  • Under-utilised giveaway expostulate mode

Overall rating (out of 10): 6

*Gadgets 360 played a examination duplicate of The Crew 2 on a customary PS4. The diversion is accessible on Xbox One and PS4 labelled during Rs. 3,999 and on PC at Rs. 2,999.

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