The Best Version of Every Final Fantasy Game

The Final Fantasy array is one of a Great Ancients of a RPG genre. There are a lot of games, and some-more confusingly, even a single Final Fantasy diversion can have several versions.

It’s no consternation Final Fantasy is a theme of one of gaming’s many well-worn jokes (“Why’s a array called Final Fantasy if it has so many games?”). Trying to wade by a torrent isn’t funny, though. Retro Final Fantasy games are utterly confusing: A singular NES or SNES pretension can have 4 or 5 remakes behind it.

This beam exists to assistance make your Final Fantasy knowledge easier and some-more comfortable. Even array veterans who wish to go behind to a commencement can advantage from meaningful that revisions and remakes best constraint a suggestion of a strange games while doing divided with bugs, mistranslations, and vapid mechanics.

Note that this beam covers a mainline Final Fantasy games only, and it’s focused around a single-player games. “Should we play Final Fantasy XIV on a PC or console?” is a large contention by itself.

Final Fantasy

You should get: Final Fantasy Origins (PlayStation / PSOne Classic)

Also consider: Final Fantasy 1 2: Dawn of Souls (GBA) / Final Fantasy (PSP / Mobile)

If you’re on a good large query to locate adult on a Final Fantasy games, your operation of options for a really initial pretension is huge. Daunting, even. The initial NES recover is positively ancestral (and also simply permitted interjection to a Virtual Console and a NES Classic Mini), nonetheless it’s cart and a bit tough to grok interjection to a sub-par translation.

If we wish to start during a start, squeeze Final Fantasy Origins. This PlayStation collection gathers adult Final Fantasy we and II, fixes a substantial bugs, gives a interpretation a good once-over, and adds countless improvements to a graphics and sound. It also retains a strange game’s singular “charge”-based sorcery system, since Dawn of Souls (which is also excellent) adopts a some-more complicated MP-based system. Finally, Final Fantasy Origins’ participation on a PlayStation Network creates it really easy to snap up.

The PSP / mobile iteration of Final Fantasy is also value a look. It facilities reward dungeons that aren’t in Origins, and a redrawn sprites are awesome. Tiamat looks epic in high-resolution.

Final Fantasy II

You should get: Final Fantasy II (PSP / Mobile)

Also consider: Final Fantasy Origins (PlayStation / PSOne Classic), Final Fantasy 1 2: Dawn of Souls (GBA)

Final Fantasy II is barbarous for a uncanny and vapid levelling-up method, nonetheless it’s also a initial Final Fantasy that tells an epic story (or usually rises a tract of Star Wars and calls it a day). Maybe you’ll like it. Maybe you’ll hatred it. Give it a go, and see for yourself. If you’re committed, try a HD reconstitute for PSP and mobile: It facilities redrawn sprites, remixed music, additional dungeons, and a few tweaks that make a gameplay a bit some-more malleable.

If you’ve already grabbed Final Fantasy Origins and / or Dawn of Souls, we competence as good expostulate into a enclosed duplicate of Final Fantasy II. If we suffer what’s there, it’s value investing in a PSP / mobile iteration of Final Fantasy II. If we depreciate a diversion off a bat, however, even a additional spit-and-polish practical to a PSP / mobile chronicle won’t change your mind.

Final Fantasy III

You should get: Final Fantasy III (Nintendo DS / PC / Mobile / PlayStation Store)

Also consider: ???

Final Fantasy III is a uncanny bird. The strange 2D sprite-based chronicle of this classical Famicom RPG usually doesn’t exist in North America – well, not legally, cough cough. The 3D reconstitute Square-Enix put on a Nintendo DS in 2006 is glorious (it’s on mobile, PC, and a PSP and PS Vita by approach of a PlayStation Store, too), nonetheless if you’re looking for a authorised authentic experience, you’re out of luck.

Final Fantasy IV

You should get: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (PSP / PlayStation Store)

Also consider: Final Fantasy IV Advance (GBA), Final Fantasy IV DS (Nintendo DS / Mobile / PC)

Beware, take care: The 3D chronicle of Final Fantasy IV on a Nintendo DS, mobile, and PC is a really opposite knowledge from any other iteration of a classical SNES RPG. If you’re new to Final Fantasy IV, you’re going to wish to start with one of a 2D versions of a game.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection for a PSP is a glorious package, and we can squeeze it nonetheless bitch or disorder from a PlayStation Store. The collection includes easily redrawn HD sprites, a remixed soundtrack (you can switch out to a strange SNES soundtrack if we like), a reward dungeons introduced in Final Fantasy IV Advance, a much-improved interpretation from Final Fantasy IV Advance, and (sigh) Final Fantasy IV’s approach sequel, The After Years.

The After Years and a brief voluntary that precedes it are optional, and frankly, they’re not really good. They’re usually endorsed for destroyed Final Fantasy IV nerds who write endless fanfiction about a game’s cast, e.g. idiots named Nadia. Still, usually carrying a choice to play or omit The After Years as we see fit is nice.

If we suffer 2D Final Fantasy IV, cruise a 3D reconstitute of a diversion for a Nintendo DS / mobile / PC. It’s engineered to give veterans a many larger challenge, and it adds additional story calm and (hammy) voice acting.

Final Fantasy V

You should get: Final Fantasy V Advance (GBA)

Also consider: Final Fantasy V (Mobile / PC)

Final Fantasy V was something of a Holy Grail for Final Fantasy fans by a ’90s. We knew it existed, nonetheless it felt so really distant away. When we did get an central interpretation on a PlayStation in 1999, a bucket times and trashy interpretation (RIP “Y Burn” a wyvern) finished us shelter to a distant higher fan translation.

All a watchful paid off in 2006, when Final Fantasy V Advance strike a GBA. It offers a good new book and new features, including 4 mint pursuit classes. Unfortunately, a cart’s a tiny tough to lane down, and there aren’t any central digital options for a game. You competence have to reason your nose and go for a mobile / PC chronicle of Final Fantasy V, that is radically a Advance chronicle of a game, nonetheless with awful “HD sprites” that demeanour like a cloak of Vaseline was practical to some unintelligent RPG Maker sprites.

Looks aren’t everything, though. Final Fantasy V for mobile and PC still plays well.

Final Fantasy VI

You should get: Final Fantasy III (SNES / Virtual Console)

Also consider: Final Fantasy VI Advance (GBA), Final Fantasy VI (Mobile / PC)

Ugh, ugh, ugh. Square-Enix has not finished right by bad Final Fantasy VI. Despite being one of a many dear and successful RPGs of all time, Final Fantasy VI hasn’t perceived a Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection diagnosis it richly deserves.

The strange SNES recover is easy adequate to seize off a Virtual Console or a PlayStation Store (via a digital recover in a PlayStation’s Final Fantasy Anthology), nonetheless a book feels truncated in tools since a translator, Ted Woolsey, was forced to save cartridge space. Final Fantasy VI Advance restores a book while gripping Woolsey’s strange charm, nonetheless a game’s epic soundtrack is deformed by a GBA’s mean soundchip.

The revised book and inexperienced soundtrack can be found in a mobile / PC chronicle of a diversion – nonetheless that means putting adult with a awful Vaseline-sprites that debuted in Final Fantasy V mobile / PC. They come opposite as even nastier in Final Fantasy VI, a diversion that pushed a SNES’ graphics to a limits.

Damned if we do, darned if we don’t. Try a SNES strange and pierce on from there.

Final Fantasy VII

You should get: Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation 4)

Also consider: Final Fantasy VII (PSOne Classic)

Good aged Final Fantasy VII. It’s flawed, nonetheless it’s still a masterpiece (if we need convincing, review Jeremy Parish’s glorious Design in Action relapse of a game). If we haven’t played Final Fantasy VII, or we usually wish to lapse to a Mako-soaked lands one some-more time, cruise picking adult a PlayStation 4 chronicle of a game. You can spin pointless encounters on and off, that is a sanctified choice when you’re just not in a mood. You can also speed adult gameplay during a hold of a button, that is really accessible once we secure some of a longer Summons in a game.

Vanilla Final Fantasy VII is still a protected bet, generally when played as a PSOne classical on a PSP or PS Vita. Turns out Final Fantasy VII is comforting to play when you’re in bed, in a dark, and hermetic off from a universe with a good set of headphones. What was it late Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi pronounced about RPG fans longing dark and loneliness…?

Final Fantasy VIII

You should get: Final Fantasy VIII (PC)

Also consider: Final Fantasy VIII (PSOne Classic)

The “PC” recommendation here refers to a Steam re-release of a diversion and not a 2000 PC pier of a strange PlayStation diversion – unless you’ve got yourself a Windows 98-equipped Pentium that needs practice or something.

Like Final Fantasy VII for a PlayStation 4, Final Fantasy VIII PC has lots of gameplay options that let we blow by a some-more vapid aspects of a diversion if we so desire. Some purists aren’t happy these options are even present, nonetheless hey, you’re a bustling person. Isn’t it improved to knowledge a classical diversion with cheats than to equivocate it altogether since we don’t have time for pointless encounters and a like? Hm. That’s a maze estimable of complicated philosophers.

In any case, vanilla Final Fantasy VIII is also accessible as a PSOne Classic download. Yay! Conundrum solved!

Final Fantasy IX

You should get: Final Fantasy IX (PC)

Also consider: Final Fantasy IX (PSOne Classic)

No difficulty here: Final Fantasy IX never strike a PC until it was finished accessible on Steam in 2016. Like Final Fantasy VIII before it, Final Fantasy IX for PC facilities discretionary cheats that can assistance we zephyr by a diversion if we so desire. It also has upscaled models and FMV cutscenes, nonetheless a pre-rendered backgrounds unfortunately haven’t perceived an HD makeover.

And, as is also a box with Final Fantasy VIII, a vanilla chronicle of a diversion can be downloaded as a PSOne Classic.

Final Fantasy X

You should get: Final Fantasy X / X-2 Remaster (PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4 / PS Vita / PC)

Also consider: Final Fantasy X (PlayStation 2)

Square-Enix brought a (mostly) dear PlayStation 2 RPG into a HD epoch with a really decent renovate for a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC. All 4 versions of a Remaster are some-more or reduction a same, and all enclose new content. A remastered chronicle of Final Fantasy X’s approach sequel, X-2, is enclosed with a package, so this tenth anniversary collection isn’t accurately a tough sell.

If you’re dynamic to go retro, however, copies of a strange PlayStation 2 chronicle of Final Fantasy X aren’t in brief supply.

Final Fantasy XII

You should get: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (PlayStation 4, PC)

Also consider: Playing a strange Final Fantasy XII for a PlayStation 2, since it’s tough to go wrong

Final Fantasy XII for a PlayStation 2 perceived an HD remaster subtitled The Zodiac Age in Jul of 2017. It’s an glorious retooling of an RPG that was frequency a slump when it initial strike a marketplace in 2006. While Final Fantasy XII’s revised pursuit complement creates a diversion a tiny easier to digest for first-timers, Final Fantasy XII is usually an epic knowledge all-around. Its MMORPG-inspired roots are undeniable, nonetheless that’s not a bad thing: Even nonetheless it’s a single-player experience, Final Fantasy XII captures that sweeping, epic feel a good MMORPG provides during a best. Also, there’s no such thing as a bad time when you’re in a association of Balthier.

If we have a good PC, we competence wish to download a Windows chronicle of Zodiac Age. It offers 60 FPS visuals, 3 soundtrack options, and lots some-more additions.

Final Fantasy XIII

You should get: Final Fantasy XIII on a PlayStation 3

Also consider: Final Fantasy XIII on a PC

Our cousins over during Eurogamer did an in-depth comparison of a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 releases of Final Fantasy XIII. The PlayStation 3 chronicle of a diversion is higher-res than a Xbox 360 version, nonetheless a latter still looks good. If we live and die by diversion resolutions and we don’t have a PlayStation 3, go forward and squeeze a PC chronicle of Final Fantasy XIII. It had a severe start, nonetheless rags have brought it adult to snuff.

Final Fantasy XV

You should get: Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition (If your PC can hoop it)

Also consider: Final Fantasy XV (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Square-Enix’s Beautiful Boy Adventure looks and plays good on both a Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There are teenager problems singular to any chronicle of a game, e.g. PlayStation 4 not digest a certain area utterly as good as a Xbox One, and vice-versa. If you’re meddlesome in a nitty-gritty, Digital Foundry dives low into these varying opening issues.

While Square-Enix hoped that Final Fantasy XV would be playable during a plain 60 FPS on a PlayStation 4 Pro, that’s not nonetheless a case. Again, Digital Foundry has an endless relapse of how a diversion performs on Sony’s upgraded console.

If we wish to play Final Fantasy XV during a rise graphical performance, you’re going to wish Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition. It looks incredible, it moves during a plain 60 FPS, and there’s a poignant supply of weird-ass skin downloads for we to burst into. You need to have a plain supply if we wish to take full advantage of Windows Edition’s eye candy, though. Keep that in mind.

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