The best plays from a Sydney qualifiers during a Overwatch World Cup

Last weekend saw some-more extraordinary Overwatch World Cup movement as groups C and D battled it out for a shot during a desired coming during a Blizzcon finals. The Sydney qualifiers took place from Jul 21 to Jul 23 and featured 4 powerhouse European teams in Sweden, Finland, Spain and Portugal. The chaff between Sweden’s Reinforce and Spain’s Harryhook before their semifinal matchup was hilarious, as any Overwatch maestro talked some accessible rabble about a other’s team. Overall, a prolongation value of a eventuality was tip notch, nonetheless a list commentators were a bit ungainly if we asked Twitch chat. Sweden and Australia won their entrance to Blizzcon in a end, withdrawal a home throng happy. 

Sweden vs. Spain 

It wasn’t too many of a warn to see these dual teams accommodate in a semifinal matchup. Sweden was adored to make it to Blizzcon prolonged ago with their 4 Misfits that have played together for utterly some time. Spain had an glorious shot-caller and hitscan actor in EnVyUs’ Harryhook, nonetheless that was also a bit of a weakness. His teammate, Chipshajen, is one of a best support players in a universe and, well, he was personification for Sweden, no doubt uploading a required intel to a rest of his team. Conspiracies aside, it was one of a best matches of Overwatch I’ve seen in some time. 

The one thing we suffer some-more than anything when examination Overwatch esports is that Mercy isn’t used all that often. Pro players know that each other healer in a diversion brings many some-more appealing collection to a table, and they make those collection shine! Though Ana isn’t utterly as meta as she once was, many teams still use her on invulnerability for detonate healing. Sweden did only that on Hollywood, vouchsafing Chipshajen uncover a universe how it’s finished with a Overwatch grandma. Good night, Toxiken.

Chips with a positively outrageous 360 nap dart on a run, Cwoosh on janitor duty. These are a particular plays that Sweden was pulling off with palliate via a tournament. If it wasn’t Chips, it was Tviq. If Tviq was removing close down, Cwoosh picked him up. 

Another thing that Sweden did a improved pursuit of was determining space. Reinforce and Manneten were a kings of engagements, opening adult Spain to a lot of unpleasantness from Tviq and Cwoosh. Even nonetheless many pro and pledge players are starting to get wearied of a dive meta, we can’t repudiate how effective a good Winston-D.Va combo is.

Finland vs. Japan 

In Finland’s intro video, Zappis teased that maybe they had some off-meta strategies adult their sleeves for Japan. Come gametime, it wasn’t anything all that surprising, nonetheless fans of a luckless Ninjas in Pyjamas register were entertaining in Twitch chat. Fragi brought Reinhardt out to play on Hollywood! Everyone’s favorite German tank hasn’t found a lot of adore these days, interjection in partial to Tracer bombs and some positional issues singular to Reinhardt, such as a inability to control a high ground. But when it comes to execution in showcase matches, infrequently it’s best to let your group collect characters they feel many gentle with. Let’s see what happens when Fragi brings a produce down opposite Japan:

With Linkzr flanking, Fragi opens adult some space in front of a cargo with an Earthshatter, holding Lucio out of a equation and removing a support on Winston with a charge. Linkzr finishes off a play by winning a duel opposite Zenyatta, something that’s a lot harder than it sounds for Tracer. 

Portugal vs. Italy 

Though conjunction group had a possibility during subordinate for a Blizzcon final by a time this compare came around, they both put on a uncover for impending Overwatch League owners. Portugal, carrying a integrate of Laser Kittenz on a roster, went for a artistic opener on indicate A of King’s Row. After removing a clarity for Italy’s positioning with a Sonic Arrow, Portugal rolled in tough to a left with Reaper. The formula exceeded expectations: 

Two tanks and 3 DPS? Why not? When they contend that Overwatch allows for creativity, this is a arrange of things they’re articulate about. It translates good to a rival reserve in that you’re mostly stranded with bizarre compositions that are DPS heavy. Though people competence roar and moan, it’s not always such a bad thing if we dedicate to it and find a approach to make it work. Here, Genji, Tracer and Reaper are increased onto a indicate with a solitary Lucio for heals. Reaper’s new lifesteal automechanic keeps him adult and lets him collect adult what a other DPS leave behind.

One fan on Twitch joked that Italy got “calzowned”. Clever.

Next time on a Overwatch World Cup 

We’re in for some fireworks when a Overwatch World Cup earnings from Poland. From Aug 4 to Aug 6, we can watch dual of a many built teams in a universe quarrel for bragging rights in Katowice. One of them is South Korea. we mean, what else is there to say? With players from Lunatic-Hai, LW Blue and Afreeca Freecs Blue, many have them winning a crater this year. But a South Korean giants can’t nap on a Canadians, who move a best from Immortals, Cloud9, Renegades and Arc6 into a fray. 

One group that hasn’t perceived too many courtesy is Russia, nonetheless their register has a lot of talent that can’t be overlooked. FaZe, eUnited and Bazooka Puppies all lend their talent to a Russian Overwatch team, and it competence be adequate to hide adult on some of a other favorites to win. As we’ve already seen in a Overwatch World Cup, infrequently it’s a particular plays and one-on-one fights that finish adult winning games, so anything is possible.

One thing is for certain: we are going to see a lot of stellar Genji play between Canada’s Agilities, Russia’s ShaDowBurn and South Korea’s Fl0w3r. Katowice competence have some of a many heated matches of a contest yet.

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