The best armor in BOTW, and where to find it

Nearly all is opposite we in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild. From a cold continue to lightning and enemies of all types, you’ll wish to come prepared with a best armor for any situation. There are so many to select from, though. How do we know that armor is best?

We’ve gathered a list of a best armor in Breath of a Wild so we don’t have to finish as many margin tests.

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Snowquill outfit

You aren’t going to get distant in Breath of a Wild though rigging that protects we from cold weather. We suggest a Snowquill armor set. This will forestall we from frozen to genocide and will make we demeanour stylish in a process. The set is “lined with Rito feathers” to assistance we keep physique heat. The good thing is that it’s comparatively easy and inexpensive to obtain. Wearing all 3 pieces of armor will extend we a set bonus, so it’s customarily a good thought to finish any set.

Simply squeeze a set from Rito Village for 2,150 rupees, and you’ll be prepared to take on a cold. Its starting stats are also decent and can be upgraded as prolonged as we have a materials.

Rubber armor

If you’ve been consummate while exploring, you’ve substantially come opposite areas with difficult sleet and lightning. Dealing with sleet is irritating enough, though when we supplement lightning to a mix, it’s roughly unfit to progress. That’s where a Rubber armor set comes in. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to obtain as some of a other pieces of rigging on this list. There are 3 quests we contingency finish in sequence to benefit entrance to a full set.

To obtain a Helm, finish a Thunder Magnet Side Quest located in Lakeside Stable. This requires we to mislay a woodcutter’s mattock during a tip of a fast to stop lightning from distinguished it. The Rubber armor is acquired by completing a Trial of Thunder Shrine Quest in a Toh Yasha shrine. It’s located west of a Ridgeland Tower. Finally, a Rubber tights are found by finishing A Song of Storms Shrine Quest given to we during a Qukah Nata shrine. You’ll find this one to a easterly of Faron Tower, only south of Calora Lake.

Flamebreaker armor

Much like a Snowquill and Rubber sets, you’ll positively wish to use a Flamebreaker armor when roving by glow and lava. The infancy of Death Mountain is ridden with lava, so you’ll wish to come prepared with heat-resistant apparatus before exploring. You acquire this set by completing a Fireproof Lizard Roundup Side Quest, that is found in a Southern Mine.

This query requires we to collect 10 Fireproof Lizards and lapse them to Kima. Once you’ve finished a quest, we can squeeze a set from a armor emporium in Goron City for a whopping 3,300 rupees.

Zora armor

Throughout your tour in Breath of a Wild, you’ll find yourself wanting to swim, infrequently upstream, to get where we need to go. That’s because it’s always best to be versed with a Zora armor set, that increases your float speed and lets we float directly adult waterfalls. You’ll get a Zora armor from King Dorephan as partial of a Divine Beast Vah Ruta quest.

The Zora helm is found during a bottom of Toto Lake, northeast of Zora’s Domain. Use magnesis to lift it up. As for a Zora Greaves, you’ll have to uncover Laflat a print of a red-maned lynel as partial of a Lynel Safari Side Quest. Once we do, you’ll obtain a final square of a Zora armor set.

Climbing set

You’ll be doing a lot of climbing in this game. In fact, it’s one of a many iconic and noted facilities of a game, interjection to a stamina automechanic and ability to stand scarcely everything. To urge your climbing experience, get a Climbing set, that increases your climbing speed. This does wonders when perplexing to scale outrageous cliffs — generally if your stamina stat is low. The Climber bandana is warranted by completing a Timing is Critical Shrine Quest in a Ree Dahee Shrine. You’ll find it in Dueling Peaks.

The Climbing rigging is found inside a Chass Qeta Shrine, on Tenoko Island. This island is easterly of East Necluda in a Necluda Sea. The Climbing boots are only north of that in a Tano O’ah Shrine, partial of a Tahno O’ah’s Blessing Shrine Quest.

Ancient armor

Arguably a best armor set in a diversion is a Ancient armor, that reduces repairs taken from ancient weaponry and has high damage-resistance in general. Plus, it looks super stylish. Gaining it is not complicated, though it will take some time. You need to finish a Robbie’s Research Side Quest, found during a Akkala Ancient Tech Lab towards a really northeast of a map, only next Lomei Labyrinth Island.

The full set is accessible to squeeze in Akkala Ancient Tech Lab for 6,000 total, though you’ll need to trade Ancient materials to benefit entrance to it. Finding these materials will come naturally while completing shrines. Be certain to collect 60 Ancient Gears, 5 Ancient Screws, 5 Ancient Shafts, 5 Ancient Screws, and 9 Ancient Cores for a full set. While you’re during it, we competence wish to cruise shopping other Ancient rigging from a same location, like a stalk and bow.

Armor of a Wild

Perhaps we wish to go with a some-more classical look. If so, a Armor of a Wild will fit your needs, though be prepared to put in a lot of work to obtain it. This set is rewarded to we after completing all 120 shrines in a whole game. It’s given as partial of a A Gift from a Monks Side Quest after you’ve finished all a shrines.

Once we revisit a Forgotten Temple, you’ll be tasked with removing past mixed Guardians, with a 3 chests containing a armor set during a finish of this area. The categorical pull of a Armor of a Wild is that it grants we a Master Sword Beam Up, augmenting a efficacy of long-ranged attacks from a Master Sword while during full health.

Tingle’s costume

As stupid as it looks, Tingle’s dress is indeed utterly useful. It grants we a Night Speed Up boost, and you’ll get some engaging looks from a townsfolk. Plus, who wouldn’t wish to compensate loyalty to a dumb angel himself?

To get it, we contingency have The Master Trials DLC, that is partial of a Season Pass. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll have entrance to a EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes Side Quest, which, on completion, will extend we a full set. Tingle’s Hood is found in a Exchange Ruins, a shirt is located in a Castle Town Prison, and you’ll find a tights in a Mabe Village Ruins. Use magnesis to get your hands on a chests that enclose any piece.

Phantom armor

In nonetheless another square of DLC armor, you’ll need The Master Trials DLC to benefit entrance to a Phantom Armor Set. Fans of Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks competence remember this dress from those games, though a genuine pull is a conflict boost you’re postulated while wearing it. After you’ve downloaded a DLC, finish a EX Treasure: Twilight Relic Side Quest to acquire this set.

The Phantom Helmet is found in a Coliseum Ruins after defeating a absolute lynel. Make certain we come prepared when holding it on. You’ll find a Phantom Greaves in a Hyrule Garrison Ruins by some guardians, while a Phantom Armor is located in a Sacred Ground Ruins.

Phantom Ganon set

Is there anything some-more intimidating than sauce adult as a immorality Ganon? You can wear a full Phantom Ganon set, as prolonged as we have The Campion’s Ballad DLC. To acquire a set, you’ll need to finish a EX Treasure: Dark Armor Side Quest by completing a small scavenger hunt. This set gives a extensive boost to your secrecy stat and has high invulnerability — ideal for unctuous adult on those hard-to-kill enemies.

Getting your hands on a Phantom Ganon set is easy. Locate Ganon Skull only south of Corta Lake, a Ganon Armor in a stream north of Sarjon Woods, and a Greaves nearby some damaged statues on a west side of Ebara Forest.

Majora’s Mask

Majora’s Mask isn’t a full armor set, though a effects are only as useful. Aside from how cold it looks, you’ll wish to put this on to forestall certain enemies from aggressive you. These embody Bokoblins, Lizalfos, Lynels, and Moblins. When we proceed those enemies while wearing a mask, they will not be hostile, creation it a good approach to pierce around though being bothered. You’ll still incite Chu Chu, Keese, Octorocks, and Wizzrobes.

To obtain it, we contingency have The Master of Trials DLC, that is partial of a game’s Season Pass. You can squeeze it for $19.99 from a eShop. Once we do so, you’ll be introduced to a EX Treasure: Ancient Mask Side Quest. The facade is buried during Kolomo Garrison Ruins, only north of a Forest of Time.

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