The Art Of Persona 5

Korean artist Kirim Son has finished what loads of fans have already done, and designed some new Overwatch characters. What’s opposite about Son’s yet is that all 3 have been privately designed to paint Overwatch heroes whose powers are drawn from several mobility issues.

Jalkikuva Laine (below), for example, became deaf as a child, though shortly schooled she could visualize sounds instead of conference them. She now uses audio powers in battle, and is means to promote manikin fan lines (to pretence a rivalry into meditative they’re somewhere they’re not).

Further, to copy a knowledge of determining a deaf character, anyone personification as Jalkikuva would hear no sounds during gameplay (but to recompense would be means to see nearby sounds as visible cues).


If that sounds like a lot of fact to come from some impression sketches, that’s since Son’s designs are a lot some-more in-depth than only some drawings.

He’s truly created these characters, from their backstories to their in-game powers, and a formula are 3 heroes who demeanour and feel like they could container true into a game, right down to a fact he’s woven them into a criterion by formulating relations with existent characters.

The other dual characters Son has built are Synæs (above), a blind conform indication whose shade would be black though who has absolute area effects (and a beam dog for navigation), and Kjell Berg, a former military officer who was paralysed in a trade accident, and who now does conflict in an ultra-fast armoured wheelchair.


You can see examples of Son’s really consummate pattern work next (he’s even designed a animation for their attacks), though we can see a full thing at his ArtStation page.

To see a images in their local resolution, click on a “expand” symbol in a top-left corner.


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Jalkikuva Laine


Kjell Berg

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