The art of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood | Artist Ayumi Namae on a inspirations and designs behind a video game

In Yotsuyu, an immorality antagonist, Namae took a proceed of conceptualizing her as “the kind of lady that would make her enemies blink her by regulating her looks.” A tiny fact on a impression is an scent powder box off to one side, desirous by a 19th century European impression of chatelaines.

They were a standing symbol, a lady wearing a chatelaine with keys was seen as a personality of a house, and in Yotsuyu, she wears one with an scent box adorning a troops symbol. Yotsuyu is an unarmed character, regulating her standing as a weapon, as a personality of a total state.

On tip of conceptualizing outfits for characters in Final Fantasy XIV’s story, Namae designs armour and rigging for players to wear in a game. Split into 5 pieces, of a head, body, feet, waist, and wrist, players brew and match, and players can afterwards brew and compare pieces. It’s turn a whole diversion in itself, to make your impression demeanour as good as possible, and a border to that fans took to it astounded even Namae.

There is even a website done by a actor in that people post their glorious outfits, it’s like a travel snap special underline from a conform magazine. Also, there are actor sites with facilities on any item, like boots and accessories. The web pattern is unequivocally stylish and we find myself looking brazen to a updates.

When we schooled of this site, and how it featured a conform articles, we was so astounded by a player’s passion and detail. we myself demeanour during it daily, and demeanour during what is easy to compare with and investigate what is in demand. we afterwards use all that as a anxiety for my destiny designs. 

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