The 25 best video games of 2016: From Overwatch to Firewatch

Despite carrying a naysayers, there have been copiousness of unusual games expelled over a march of 2016 opposite all gaming platforms.

From blockbusters such as Battlefield 1, Dishonoured 2 and Overwatch, to indie games like Abzu, Firewatch, and INSIDE, we’ve spent hours trustworthy to a TV screens and mechanism monitors to move we a tip 25 games of a year. 

Let us know your thoughts underneath, either we left off your favourite game, ranked one too high (“NO MAN’S SKY?”), or if totally determine with everything. Enjoy!

25. Paper Mario: Colour Splash


The new exhibit of a Switch aside, 2016 was a sincerely unsatisfactory year for Nintendo fans, carnivorous of new calm after another check to a latest Zelda game. Paper Mario: Colour Splash brought some acquire hearten to those still steadily anticipating a mark for a Wii U underneath their TVs, with humorous shenanigans maturation in a charming dominion of Prism Island. Tracking down Toads and gambling with Goombas, usually a few teenager bugs could spoil a fun in what was presumably a year’s best Wii U adventure. Read a full review. – Sam Gill

24. Virginia

As good as edition Giant Squid’s Abzu, 505 games kept adult an considerable strike rate in 2016. Another glorious poser from a year full of intrigue, Virginia expel players as an FBI representative questioning a disappearance of a tiny child in a farming city of Kingdom. Drawing both influences and time support from early 1990s classical radio like Twin Peaks and a X-Files, a miss of voice behaving was not usually a budget-saving device yet an artistic choice, withdrawal behind a cinematic tour that harks behind to games from a ended epoch while also indicating to destiny avenues of diversion pattern that could be good value pursuing. – SG

23. Forza Horizon 3


Has practical pushing ever looked so good? Absolutely not. Forza Horizon 3 managed to blow all a foe out of a water, creation for a many picturesque pushing simulator ever created. The customisation accessible to players is peerless by any prior game, with 350 cars available, all of that creates for one of a many beguiling practice of a year. – Jack Shepherd

22. Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft took on a criticisms levied during a initial diversion and studiously addressed them in a sequel. Watch Dogs 2 could have unequivocally simply been usually another open star diversion that did things by numbers, yet it’s transparent this is a diversion done by a ardent team, and their clarity of perfect fun bleeds by into a star during roughly any turn, formulating a honestly innovative and rewarding experience. Read a full review. – Jack Turner

21. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI


The sixth complement in a diversion array that helped figure a plan PC game, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, was no beating for energetically available fans. With some-more leisure to control and browbeat a star however we want, Civilization VI once again lifted a bar for what a spin formed diversion can achieve. – JS

20. XCOM 2

XCOM 2 represents an intelligent expansion on what is already arguably one of a best and many severe plan games on a market. By scaling behind some of a some-more micro-management sections of a game, streamlining non-combat so players can spend some-more time on a battlefield, 2K has crafted a some-more polished and beguiling experience. Don’t be fooled into meditative this diversion lacks a plea of a predecessor, though. This is an implausible supplement of an already stellar series. A must-buy for PC owners everywhere. Read a full review. – Brett Phipps

19. DOOM


An unapologetic curtsy to first-person shooters of years past, DOOM acts as a venerate minute to all gamers venerate about a genre. The game’s creepy atmosphere churned with extreme gait and problem done for one of a year’s some-more unaccompanied and sparkling experiences. Like revisiting an aged friend, if we were one of a millions who enjoyed a strange DOOM, this will no doubt be a must-have. Read a full review. – JS

18. Dark Souls 3

If you’ve ever played a Souls diversion before, you’ll know accurately what to design here; frustration. As with those instalments, Dark Souls 3 is torturously hard. As we ramble this pleasing world, over-sized arms in hand, a minute trip adult can cost we hours in diversion time. Accidentally accommodate an rivalry approach out of your joining and it’s too late to run; ready to restart. What’s endearing, though, is a clarity of accomplishment. When we finally improved one of a brilliantly designed bosses, there’s an strenuous clarity of triumph; something blank from many games today. If you’ve got a time to master this beast, you’ll have a lot of fun, yet for a discerning gaming session, there’s zero worse. – JS

17. No Man’s Sky


There are few games that will change a face of gaming forever: No Man’s Sky is positively one of them. As a space explorer, we are tasked with drifting around a literally gigantic universe, acid a opposite for answers to all and anything. Despite many gamers feeling let down by a game, No Man’s Sky unequivocally is a one-of-a-kind experience. Read a full review. – JS

16. Rex Infinite

There are unequivocally few games on PSVR that are must-have purchases. Job Simulator, Batman Arkham VR, PlayStation Worlds: they’re all good, yet not exceptional. Trumping all else is Rez Infinite, a heated runner/glider that’s fundamentally an artform of a own. A few some-more like this, and a PSVR headset will be a must-have appendage for all PS4 owners. – JS

15. Pokémon Sun/Moon


While everybody with a mobile phone has been obsessing over Pokémon Go, Nintendo not-so-quietly expelled a latest core complement in a long-running array on 3DS, and it is brilliant. By blending adult a regulation rather by a diversion of gyms and openly regulating monsters from opposite all generations, Game Freak combined a best Pokémon tour given Gold/Silver and a year’s best 3DS game. Read a full review. – JS

14. Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has been cashing in on fan nostalgia this year with a spin-off World of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Explorers titles, yet this latest serve to a categorical array captures a suggestion of past games while operative as a standalone entry. Though Final Fantasy XV has a rather concerned storyline, a amiable characters and well-designed sourroundings appeals to both array veterans and those who don’t know a Tonberry from a Tiamat. Read a full review. – Sophie Witts

13. Hitman

Whether we are looking for poison, true out shooting, popping heads in toilets or abrasive victims; either you’re in a shadows of a Eiffel Tower or during a packaged conform show; or either you’re usually erratic around, holding your time, meditative things over and ratcheting adult your possess anxiety, Hitman puts we in control. It’s seeking we to make decisions. Plus, with unbroken chapters and fugitive targets, there’s a tonne of calm to keep we busy. Read a full review. – David Crookes

12. Abzu


Reminiscent of PS3 indie strike Journey, Abzu takes transport underwater, personification out an puzzling story of self-discovery in an nautical bliss equally full of consternation and danger. One stage in particular, where a diver is surrounded by a attract ball, provides a utterly monumental knowledge as a perfect numbers bluster to overcome a screen, thousands of fish any relocating divided yet a diversion dropping a unaccompanied support of animation. It’s as most a speculation device as a game, generally now ‘meditation mode’ has forsaken a overt black borders in a latest update, digest Abzu both a world’s excellent practical fishtank and a ludicrous tour all in one package. Read a full review. – Sam Gill

11. Titanfall 2


When a initial Titanfall diversion was expelled as an Xbox exclusive, there was most excitement, many desiring an online FPS featuring outrageous Titans would blow a likes of Call of Duty away. Unfortunately, EA’s initial complement was rather disappointing. However, after holding on criticism, Respawn has constructed an extraordinary multiplayer knowledge with an arguably improved unaccompanied player. Something unequivocally few people were expecting. Read a full review. – JS

10. Gears of War 4


Throughout 2016, a Xbox One invariably lagged behind a console opposition when it came to exclusives, a likes of Re-Core and Quantum Break being outrageous disappointments. However, there was never any doubt Microsoft could furnish a torpedo Gears of War instalment, something they delivered for a fourth time (we don’t pronounce of Judgement). Gears 4 valid a Xbox One has implausible striking capabilities while adding a unusual serve to a long-running series. – JS

9. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


While many studios guarantee real, respirating worlds where players are devoted with outrageous amounts of freedom, few deliver. Square Enix, though, managed to emanate a diversion where we never feel pushed into a certain path; a diversion where you’re personification a diversion we wish to play. Sneaking, hacking, and fighting your approach by this dystopian star has never been so fun; with a enchanting story and cyberpunk-themed cultured creation a knowledge truly original. Read a full review. – Jack Turner


Following a successful Limbo, Playdead managed to hit it out a park again with a vivid puzzle-platformer, Inside, another dim experience. You play as a indistinguishable boy, using by countless obstacles and evading a clutches of torpedo guards. The roughly wordless gameplay and creepy creatures make for an memorable experience, cut from a same cloth as a aforementioned Limbo. – JS

7. Overwatch


Blizzard has always had a gusto for online multiplayer games (World of Warcraft) yet nobody knew utterly how shining a charming shooter from a association could be. Overwatch pits your group of several weird characters opposite other teams in countless diversion modes, all of whom are battling for a consequence of battling. A unaccompanied multiplayer knowledge that distant exceeds a likes of Call of Duty. – JS

6. Dishonoured 2


Rip by enemies like a ruthless thunderclap or trip by neglected by a shadow; Dishonoured 2 binds dedicated a split trail of a strange game, permitting players to use any multiple of hide or attack character gameplay to navigate to a dictated goals. With so many serve choices and freedoms in supplement than a original, it truly feels like Dishonoured’s star is now during your fingertips. Read a full review. – Clarisse Loughrey 

5. The Last Guardian


Despite nitpicks per technical issues, there’s something truly special about a devout supplement to Shadow of a Colossus. Your dual doubtful companions might both wish opposite things, heading to some miscommunications between them, yet there’s something most deeper than usually kinship: as an onlooker, we can't assistance yet tumble helplessly in venerate with their story. Only a best games have we this involved. Read a full review. – JS

4. The Witness


Jonathan Blow’s Myst-inspired open star puzzler has a elementary grounds – find one of a games many consecutive block grids and snippet a line(s) from one dilemma of it to another. While The Witness’s pastel-shaded sourroundings subtly points to incomparable questions about creators and combined realities, a game’s genuine delight is a unaccompanied concentration on being an extended, masterfully pleasing proof exam that subverts a possess manners to joyous effect. Read a full review. – Oliver Cragg

3. Battlefield 1


Since a recover of Call of Duty 4, a Battlefield array has remained one step behind a rival. That altered with a recover of a WW1-set Battlefield 1. It’s an impossibly well-crafted initial chairman shooter that conveys a suggestive summary by 6 brief yet shining single-player campaigns, any one revelation of opposite soldiers’ practice around a world. The game’s certification are serve increased by a breathless multiplayer. Read a full review. – JS

2. Firewatch


The grounds of Firewatch seems comparatively boring: we play as a isolated male who watches over a forest, creation certain it doesn’t detonate into flame, your usually hit being with a associate fire-watcher around radio. However, what transpires is a retaining five-hour tour by topics such as depression, insanity and loneliness. Spoiling a tract would hurt a smashing story arc contained within this unusual work of art. Firewatch isn’t so most a video-game as a shining poser novel – and it leaves we with genuine, thought-provoking questions. – JS

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Uncharted 4 isn’t so most a diversion as a cinematic experience: we could have utterly happily watched a crony play a whole diversion and enjoyed any moment. What creates Nathan Drake’s Indiana Jones-esque tour a best diversion of a year, though, isn’t usually a implausible graphics and illusory gameplay; it’s a unusual story and script. Centring on dual brothers, Uncharted 4 explores a high and lows of their attribute in a picturesque way, forlorn by other blockbusters (except, perhaps, a bond between Ellie and Joel in The Last of Us). As pronounced in a review, a illusory finalé to a illusory series. – JS

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