The 10 best PlayStation 4 games for your new console

Admittedly, this isn’t a game, though it does cost about a same volume for one year of PlayStation Plus. So, what is it?

PlayStation Plus is a paid faithfulness program, and it’s a essential further to your PlayStation 4. Why?

-It enables we to play games online with other people! -It gives we monthly discounts on games and movies! -And, many importantly, it gives we giveaway games each month. Free! For a generation of your subscription!

What forms of games? Really good games!

Games like “Bloodborne,” that we saw progressing on this list! And “Journey,” that was also on this list!

As of this publishing, we have 76 PlayStation Plus games in my PlayStation 4 library. I’ve missed a few over time, and there are some whiffs, though in ubiquitous it’s a large advantage that pays for itself roughly instantly.

I can’t contend this strongly enough: If we only bought a PlayStation 4, removing a PlayStation Plus subscription is a no-brainer.

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