Terry Crews Is Probably Almost Definitely Voicing Doomfist In ‘Overwatch’

Photo: Terry Crews/Facebook

Something weird and/or overwhelming is going on in Overwatch now, and it’s one a some-more waggish news stories I’ve followed in utterly some time. For a prolonged time now, Overwatch has been teasing a categorical knave of a universe, a impression called Doomfist. Doomfist has indeed been many characters over a years, any empowered by a gauntlet. It’s what you’re transporting in a Numbani map on a payload, and it’s a gauntlet that was shown in a unequivocally initial Overwatch teaser trailer.

The indicate is that Doomfist, in one form or another, is roughly positively going to make his approach into Overwatch. And while many of a diversion boasts a talented, though not terribly obvious voice cast, that competence be about to change.

For reasons we still don’t entirely understand, Old Spice/Expendables/Brooklyn 99 actor Terry Crews seems like he’s on a verge of removing a part. we trust this all started about a month ago when a fan on reddit made a renouned thread about anticipating that Crews would voice Doomfist, after a imitation saw that a actor was a gamer, and clearly an Overwatch actor to boot.

Terry Crews afterwards showed adult in a thread itself to criticism “I would LOVE TO PLAY DOOMFIST” and we know we usually review that in his voice. That set fans buzzing and now, all of this stupidity has culminated in Terry Crews indeed profitable a revisit to Blizzard HQ, and afterwards subsequently posting a news essay on Facebook about his revisit observant “Who wants to hear me do a voice of Doomfist for real??” There are 4 and a half thousand comments observant some determination of “yes, please.” Even The Rock chimed in to contend he was on board.

I have seen actors petition for roles they desperately wanted before. Tom Jane has finished this a few times, where there was one imitation of him in Jonah Hex makeup that he combined himself in sequence to try and land that partial (which went to Josh Brolin), and he finished a Punisher brief film in what seemed to be an try to get himself expel in a supplement (which never happened, and now Walking Dead actor Jon Bernthal is personification a partial for Marvel).

Photo: Blizzard

But this is a opposite case. Not to calumniate Tom Jane, though Terry Crews is an impossibly bustling actor and voicing a singular impression in a video diversion isn’t accurately a representation to star in a blockbuster. This usually seems some-more like a fun electioneer where he unequivocally wants to be a partial of a diversion he loves. And fans are positively on board.

But is Blizzard?

While we don’t know a middle workings of a mind of Terry Crews, we have to trust that he would not have posted that many new summary on Facebook if he was not in critical talks to play Doomfist, or it was a finished understanding already. We have no denote of when Doomfist competence be released, nor any acknowledgment a favourite is even in development, though it’s roughly positively been a devise from a launch of a diversion to embody him during some point.

I am…slightly discreet about a Crews casting here. Yes, we adore Terry Crews and his eternal energy, though we feel like when everybody thinks of him personification Doomfist that it’s some determination of his Old Spice character, cheering each singular line with an power that could hit over a mountain.


Ultimately, we consider Crews would have to tinge it down usually a bit to play Doomfist. While Overwatch has some comedic elements, and many of a characters have jokey voice lines, carrying Crews go full Old Spice to voice a ominous large bad knave of a diversion competence be a bit over a top. we positively trust he could do a some-more “normal” opening that would be totally awesome, though we don’t know if Doomfist should be a impression using around screaming foolish crazy lines, as most fun as it is when Crews does that.

Regardless, I’m all for it in a end. Crews is good and it’s fun to see him so vehement about this. The fanbase is going nuts over this and it would be a blockbuster further to a game. And we don’t consider Blizzard would have invited him to stop by if they weren’t severely deliberation employing him, or else that would usually be arrange of mean, given how badly he clearly wants it.

It’s misleading when this would indeed come to fruition, as this idiocy usually started in aspiring a month ago. Doomfist hasn’t even been teased as a playable impression yet, and it would be arrange of good if he was kept underneath wraps until his exhibit trailer showed off Crews’ voicework. Just please…not another Sombra ARG. My heart can’t take it.

Stay tuned for what hopefully is a happy finale to this weird saga. I’ve reached out to Blizzard for comment.

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