‘Terra Battle’ Getting ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Content and Hopes to Bring …

We really liked Terra Battle [Free], a free-to-play amicable RPG, when it came out behind in 2014, and even yet a diversion has been adding content, it’s been a while given we’ve listened most about it. Today, though, a developers are adding characters from Final Fantasy XV and are perplexing to move over players behind to a game. Starting today, 3 new singular book quests will underline Final Fantasy XV characters and disdainful new song by Nobuo Uematsu. The quests will be all about Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto fighting opposite Final Fantasy staples such as Behemoth and Titan. Once we finish a quests, you’ll have a possibility to hurl a S-Class adventurer Noctis.

In further to this event, a diversion is using a Comeback Campaign, that will offer players 10 Energy only for logging in. Current players will also get rewards. There are even some-more promos going on, so if we were deliberation removing behind into Terra Battle, now’s a time to do so.

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