Survive a Drugged Induced Utopia in We Happy Few

Wakey, wakey! And acquire to Wellington Wells, home of a heroic garland of tolerably terrible people perplexing to shun from a lifetime of contented denial. So make certain to squeeze your Joy and spin that scowl upside down!

From a eccentric studio that brought we Contrast, We Happy Few is an action/adventure/survival/horror diversion set in a drug-fuelled, retro-futuristic city in an choice 1960s England.The German’s successfully invaded and assigned England and left it in a raise of rubble. However during a function a residents of Wellington Wells all had to do a really bad thing. To ease their nerves and shame – and forget what they’d finished – a Wellies invented Joy, a spectacle complacency drug. Players take control of Arthur, a internal Newspaper Censor, who decides he wants off a surreal ‘Joy ride’. As memories start to lapse and he starts to comprehend something isn’t right, his ‘Downer’ poise tips off his co-workers and he is forced to go on a run.

For an movement tour diversion there is a lot some-more of a presence aspect to it than initial meets a eye. Players will have to keep an eye on hunger, lust and nap right out of a gate. It’s really not an easy thing to do when food is decaying and ponds are poisoned. On tip of that, being in a fight ripped outdoor slums also opens we adult to illness and a series of other ways that can get we killed if we aren’t profitable attention.

While fight is an option, it’s not a good one and We Happy Few goes out of it’s approach to not inspire it. Stealth and consent are a approach to go if we devise on evading a city in one piece, since once we die that’s it. No restarts and no saving. As players start to widen their legs and start to try they will comprehend that consistent in is a prerequisite and it isn’t as easy as one might think. If we wish to transport by a some-more ritzy areas of city you’ll need to demeanour a part. This means you’ll need a right garments and ‘Joy-full’ opinion since a inhabitants of Wellington Wells don’t take pleasantly to people who don’t reside by their not-so-normal rules.

Crafting is another pivotal that will safeguard your survival. Nothing in We Happy Few is given for free, instead players will need to differentiate by waste and rubbish for equipment that can be crafted into several things like bandages, H2O purifiers, weapons, wardrobe and tools. Random quests to assistance out associate Downers can also lead to some remunerative equipment to assistance we on your journey. Typical in a diversion with a sincerely decent crafting system, players will also have to be on their A diversion with register management. A player’s register consists of a grid complement so anything that goes in will have to be tetris’d in to maximize what we can carry.

For those that suffer a survival/horror genre We Happy Few is a outing down a rabbit hole and a uncanny nonetheless fun one during that. Currently We Happy Few is accessible on Steam as an Early Access release.

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