Striving for Imprefection: What if…?

Oy! we haven’t sat down during my mechanism to coop a mainstay since, like, forever. It feels faintly familiar, nonetheless we feel oh so rusty; like an contestant who stopped training and is now grunting his approach behind to figure (without a need to use Ben Gay of course). In box we don’t have a life and if you’ve been losing sleep, pacing a halls, fluttering your fist during a ceiling, and wondering what happened to me over a holidays, initial of all, appreciate we for a regard (but we competence wish to get a life). I’m fine. we only motionless to take some time during a holidays to spend a impulse or 3 with my mother and to play No Man’s Sky for a few weeks.

The holiday deteriorate – as good as an whole decade – is now in a rear-view counterpart and we again mount on a hill of another excursion around a sun. we – many approaching as are we – am holding batch of what we wish in this “mixed up, perplexed up, shook adult world.” Please don’t delude this as another missive on New Year’s Resolutions. I’m so not that form of guy; I’ve carried un-kept promises over year-after-year given a Kennedy administration, earnest each Jan that “This time we meant it!” Reality is if we unequivocally meant it, I’d have finished it. Sound familiar?

Yeah, we get it. Things get in a way. Obstacles astonishing board themselves resolutely in a paths. Picture Gandalf planting resolutely his staff and dogmatic “You shall not pass” as he blocks a trail of Balrog. (I’d rather be Gandalf than Balrog though a embellishment doesn’t work if we retreat a characters.) It only seems that maybe what we wish wasn’t approaching to happen, as corroborated adult by what so many of a language: “I don’t wish to hex it.” “Waiting for a other shoe to drop.” “Life’s a drag and afterwards we die.”

We — and we enclosed — have spin conditioned to a approaching beating of cracked hopes. As my favorite college fender plaque proclaimed, “Flunk now, equivocate a Jun rush.”

Therefore, in a seductiveness of lightening what appears to be an already too-gloomy world, let me postulate an thought that crossed my mind while listening to a strain from motivational thespian Jana Stanfield, “Suppose we were ostensible to live accurately a life we pictured?” What would that be like? What if a Universe was indeed conspiring to yield for us what are a deepest dreams? Could it be that it’s not that a goals and dreams are unattainable though some-more accurately that we change march moments before we knowledge a fun for that we so long?

If we don’t trust in a larger force, we suppose a judgment of a Universe for or opposite we doesn’t resonate. So, it couldn’t harm to suppose that we could have more. If zero else, it ups your attitude, and an upbeat appearance inspires certainty and creativity.

If, on a other hand, we do trust in God or Spirit, afterwards many approaching we also trust It’s a loving, understanding Being with your best life as It’s goal. So, again, because would it be interlude you?

I lapse to my point. We can be a possess misfortune enemies when it comes to achieving a goals.

Again, I’m not naive. We don’t live in an sourroundings full with rainbows and glittery unicorns. Others competence try to retard us. There are indeed stumbling stones.

Yet, we couldn’t assistance as my mother and lined out what we’d like to accomplish this year, that maybe, only possibly, a biggest separator we face — and many approaching we do too — is that expectancy that it’s all going to tumble apart. So, because bother?

What if we graphic that things could spin out better? What if we illusory certain outcomes in a goals? How about if we changed brazen with wish and confidence awaiting a formula we want?

I can’t pledge it will work. But, we certain as heck know it couldn’t hurt.

What if I’m right?

About a author: Scott “Q” Marcus is a CRP (Chief Recovering Perfectionist) of  He will be conducting a seminar on Jan 25 in Eureka called “Intentions • Affirmations • Motivations” that is open to anyone. Find out some-more at

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