SteelSeries Arctis Pro Headset review

SteelSeries’ gaming headsets competence usually be a gaming community’s best-kept secret. They radically altered a landscape, assisting to develop headsets from tiny bass-heavy machines with overly hyped highs to an audiophile’s soppy dream. Case in point: a Arctis 7, that warranted several accolades and done it to a best PC gaming headsets list.

It’s been a tiny over a year given SteelSeries expelled Arctis 7. One competence theory they used all that time to ideal a tiny imperfections since a Danish association usually expelled their newest headset line, a Arctic Pro; and we contingency say, we’re simply silly about it.

We had a pleasure of holding a flagship model, Arctis Pro + GameDAC, for a exam run before a consumer release. And not usually are we tender by a sound peculiarity and good features, yet we’ve also found that it corrects for Arctis 7’s teenager inadequacies. 

Be forewarned: during $249 (about £180, AU$320), it isn’t a cheapest, yet it’s not during all a bad cost for a set of high-end headsets. It’s a cost we’d gladly compensate for pleasing sound.

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There’s usually one word for a Arctis Pro + GameDAC’s design: elegance. While a biggest competitors seem to all be conceptualizing a many ambitious-looking, gamers’ headsets, it’s bringing it all behind down to earth with a simple, minimalist and no flint design. 

SteelSeries once again opts for a classy, matte demeanour and an ergonomic design. Its steel wipe boasts a gunmetal finish with a padded underside. The swiveling ear cups flourish removable plates with a cloak soothing hold paint and athletics-inspired Airweave cushions. 

It also has a delegate wipe that’s identical to a self-adjusting ski goggle cessation band, that traces a wearer’s conduct for a ideal fit. 

Of course, users can reinstate a wipe and captivating earcup covers for something a tiny some-more interesting, that we ourselves opted for and we can see a customized headset below.

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You can wear these puppies for a prolonged time yet spiteful your conduct and ears. Additionally, since of a removable wipe and a removable ear cups, we simply get divided from a standard black tone intrigue and personalize yours with a possess line of accessories that come in opposite colors and designs.

To give it that gamer’s look, LED lights run around a border of a ear cups  and we can customize regulating a GameDAC. The mic, that twists in any instruction and simply pushes into a left ear crater when not in use, has a possess LED light that glows when muted.

There is one teenager fact that we’re on a blockade about: a chain of a tongue-tied symbol and a volume dial. They’re both located in a behind of a left ear cup, soyou kinda have to retrain yourself when adjusting a volume if you’re a rightie. The upside is, we won’t have to take your palm off a rodent in a center of a diversion to do so.


The Arctis Pro’s best underline is a digital to analog audio converter designed privately for gaming. . While many gaming consoles and PCs have their possess built-in converters, a Arctis Pro’s enclosed GameDAC will overrule them as it offers aloft peculiarity audio performance.

As an additional perk, it also has a possess amplifier circuit. We beheld that this underline doesn’t indispensably give a headset a punchier sound than a competitors. However, it does assistance broach intensely low exaggeration during even a tip outlay levels.

This GameDAC, ergonomically speaking, feels kind of in a way. Like an anchor it’s big, bulky,heavy and requires a USB energy source. So you’ll never be means to usually take a whole Arctis Pro setup and block it into a phone to get a best audio it can deliver.. But it’s another teenager fact we can overlook, generally since of a capabilities.

It has a possess OLED shade display, that allows we to adjust a volume, EQ curve, input, a Sidetone (how most we hear of yourself while articulate on a mic), LED colors, and a ChatMix (the change between in diversion and discuss audio) yet going by a software. It also allows we to spin a DTS on or off with a press of a symbol to toggle practical approximate sound.

The GameDAC boasts a 3.5mm audio jack, USB, and visual audio ports for input. This coherence of countless submit options radically addresses one of Arctis 7’s categorical flaws. This new indication can be bending adult to a PS4 and a Xbox One regulating an visual cable, that allows for a some-more tranquil and a somewhat some-more minute sound than a USB, for high-res audio yet a need for a DTS boost. 

One thing to keep in mind is that a when regulating GameDAC has a limit volume limiter. When you’re going analog instead of regulating a GameDAC, a headphones are most louder. 

The GameDAC comes with a built-in limiter since of an general regulation, yet luckily we can simply go into a environment to spin off a reserve underline  if we so choose. (We can’t guarantee we won’t repairs your ears if we do though)


As distant as sound goes, Arctis Pro is a stately siren. Its sound opening is of a audiophile variety, possibly we select to go analog or digital. 

In fact, these headset is so good there’s not most disproportion between a analog and a digital inputs. Analog audio competence not yet as detailed, yet it still sounds fantastic. That says a lot about this unit’s sound quality.

Not to contend that Arctis Pro is faultless. It’s soundstage, for example, isn’t as far-reaching as some tip headsets in a market—Creative’s Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition, for example, has an even some-more considerable one. Still, it has a unequivocally good stereo picture and each sound seems to come from a right place. However, a distances of a opposite elements in a diversion are not as tangible as they are with a H7.

By extension, H7’s wider soundstage creates a practical approximate sound some-more natural; yet not by much. Arctis Pro’s practical approximate sound is flattering convincing , creation adult for another one of Arctis 7’s shortcomings. While personification Hitman, we could hear voices flitting and from behind us; with Dishonored 2, we could hear a guards using adult to us before we even see them.

Does a DTS symbol on a GameDAC urge it? In a tests, it doesn’t  really urge this existent 360-degree audio image; during slightest not in an apparent way. It does, however, act as a application underline with a high-mid strike that pushes voices to a forefront, creates  music sound better, and helps with complicated cinema with terrible sound mixing.

Still, it all boils down to a sound. 

This gaming headset produces an considerable EQ magnitude curve. There are no uncanny bumps in a highs, mids and lows. There are no cuts so possibly you’re gaming or listening to music, we won’t feel like there’s something missing. The drum is not strenuous possibly (though if we unequivocally wish to, it can be pushed adult by a EQ). 

The outcome is a beautiful, well-balanced sound that’s roughly estimable of adulation.


Sure, we competence conclude a reduce cost tag. But profitable  $249 for a gaming headset of this size is something we can simply live with. 

As gaming headsets go, a Arctis Pro + GameDAC is shoo-in for audiophiles and gamers with a ambience for nuanced sound. SteelSeries apparently took notice of Arctis 7’s blank facilities and slapped those on to what it does best – headsets that furnish artistic sound, fundamentally sealing Arctis Pro’s predestine as a tip contender in a gaming sound inclination market.

With a Arctis Pro +GameDAC, you’re not usually removing a sleek, gentle design, submit flexibility, and a GameDAC that puts control during your fingertips and offer a dedicated, improved peculiarity converter. Most importantly, you’re removing mind-blowing sound estimable of audiophile worship.

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