State Duma to ratchet adult punishment for hurtful officials

The new check is directed during combating nepotism and non-material bribes.⁠

The State Duma’s Committee for Security and Combating Corruption prepared a series of amendments to a Criminal Code of a Russian Federation, that step adult a punishment for corruption. Amendments are introduced in a articles of a Criminal Code of a Russian Federation, that describe to a Abuse of Power (Article 202), Commercial Bribery (Article 204), Giving and Taking Bribes (Article 290 and Article 291). If adopted, hurtful officials can accept adult to 4 years in jail (according to a stream legislation, a bribe-giver faces adult to dual years, and a cheat taker adult to 3 years of imprisonment). Thus, crime will tumble into a difficulty of crimes of middle gravity, and a reduction duration for these crimes will boost from dual to 6 years. This is reported by

In addition, a Committee proposes to deliver such concepts as “non-property benefits”, “non-property services” and “non-property rights and other undue benefits”. Thus, a deputies devise to onslaught with nepotism and practice of kin of officials to essential posts in business structures. Also, parliamentarians devise to criminalize settlement judges for abuse of energy – for adult to 3 years of imprisonment.

At a moment, usually money, skill and services, that value can be determined, are deemed a bribe. The new amendments will move Russian rapist legislation closer to a general one, that is compulsory from Russia in tie with a resolution of 3 conventions: a UN, a Council of Europe and a Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The amendments were endorsed by a Group of States opposite Corruption (GRECO).

Member of GRECO, emissary conduct of a Office for Supervision over a Implementation of Anti-Corruption Legislation of a Prosecutor General’s Office Aslan Yusufov voiced full support on interest of a group for a due changes in a legislation. According to him, interjection to a amendments, it will be probable to retaliate officials who accept bribes that do not have a marketplace price.

The check has already been authorized by a Supreme Court, a supervision elect on legislative activity and a consultant legislature of a United Russia faction.

However, a series of experts demonstrate regard about a amendments. In particular, a doubt arises, how law coercion will establish non-property services. Specialists demonstrate fears that any communication of an central with adults can be deliberate a “bribe”.

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