Stardew Valley done approach some-more income than Call of Duty on Steam, and other 2016 sales insights

Steam sales seer Sergey Galyonkin, differently famous as a creator of Steam Spy, has expelled a news on sales of games on Steam in 2016. Alongside Valve’s possess central ranking of a best-selling PC games of 2016, Galyonkin’s graphs and total yield a some-more granular design of how a estimated sales of specific games competence review to one another. It also reinforces something we already knew: 2016 was an violent year for plan games.

Before we puncture in, it’s critical to underline that Steam Spy uses sampling to beget a data. These total are estimates formed on that sampling, and are by inlet extrapolations. One inequality adult front, for example: Steam Spy puts Doom as a fifth highest-earner of 2016, and Rise of a Tomb Raider as sixth. But Steam’s central revenue ranking has conjunction of these games in a tip 12. we asked Galyonkin to explain this:

It’s also value observant that sales of in-game items, like those of Dota 2, aren’t enclosed in these figures. With those well-salted caveats hopefully in your mind, onto a takeaways:

Table around Steam Spy. Click for link.

  • $3.5 billion value of games were purchased on or redeemed by Steam final year. That figure includes keys that were bought outward of Steam, in bundles or directly from developers’ websites. Galoyonkin disclaims that “The domain of blunder on this sole series is utterly high,” and that his estimates sundry between $3.3B to $3.6B.
  • “Around 370M games got new owners in 2016. Of course, that includes a sales outward of Steam, bundles, giveaways and giveaway promotions,” says Steam Spy.
  • No Man’s Sky was a many successful eccentric diversion of 2016 on Steam, earning an estimated $43 million.
  • Although Dota 2 and CS:GO expected warranted some-more if we could comment for their microtransactions, Steam Spy says Civ 6 earned some-more income than any other game, an estimated $79 million.
  • In copies sold, CS:GO outperformed everybody by a large margin: 6.7 million new owners, with Rocket League miles behind during 2.6 million. Some volume of this, surely, can be credited to a use of alt accounts by CS:GO players. The central CS:GO website says that Valve’s FPS had 10.8 million active players in December.
  • Stardew Valley substantially warranted about $24 million final year. Steam Spy thinks that it warranted $9.2 million in Mar after it expelled on Feb 26. Stardew might have sole 1.5 million some-more copies than Mafia III. Not bad for a one-man project.
  • Call of Duty is a important repudiation from Steam Spy’s tip 25, both in copies sole and in revenue. “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare achieved approach worse than Black Ops III,” Galyonkin notes. Black Ops III does make some appearances in a best monthly sales of January, February, September, and November.
  • Steam Spy thinks that CoD: Infinite Warfare sole about 245,000 copies in November, somewhat reduction than Planet Coaster.
  • “An normal diversion on Steam got median sales of 6,640 copies in 2016 with $25,245 in revenue,” says Steam Spy.
  • 4726 games were combined to Steam in 2016, according to Steam Spy. Read a full report, that includes other records on trends in eccentric gaming, right here.

Read a full report, that includes other records on trends in eccentric games, right here

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