Standing As One in Support of Alzheimer’s

A Jesuit preparation in a magnanimous tradition, ranked among a best in New England, Fairfield University fostered logic, loyalty, respect, perseverance, and communication as an art form—traits my rope of brothers still lift with them today, an Irish lot with names like Kelly, Keefe, Keenan, Kerwin, Kitson, McGrath, and many others, not to discuss those of us with apostrophes. As a freshman, we landed on a initial building of a sandstone, no-frills Gonzaga dorm with all a Gaelic “Ks,” given a Jesuit proof of alphabetical sequence and a fact that we roomed with my high propagandize friend Brian Keefe. we didn’t comprehend during a time a change a minute “K” would have on my life. The eleventh minute of a alphabet, “K” represents a “voiceless velar plosive,” linguists note. Not certain what a ruin that means, though in summary, a consonantal sound used in many languages.

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