Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV Companion App set to launch in ‘late July’

Square Enix has announced that a Companion App for Final Fantasy XIV will launch in ‘late July,’ with both giveaway and reward subscription levels for Android and iOS. While a app will move combined functionality and diversion government for Final Fantasy XIV fans, a reward subscription brings an combined cost to an already costly game. 

The FFXIV Companion App will concede users to bond your in-game characters to your smartphone or tablet, enabling users to discuss with friends on opposite servers to make it easier to join adult for raids or PvP events.

Other facilities include:

  • Organize your register and armory on a move
  • Earn Kupo nuts for daily app logins
  • Pay a Moogle with Kupo nuts or Mog coins (bought with genuine money) to buy or sell an object for we on a Market board
  • Unlock servant register government and in-game rewards with a reward subscription ($5 monthly)

As mentioned, a reward subscription unlocks an additional servant while a distance of the Chocobo saddlebag is doubled. Hard-core fans might be happy to compensate another $5 any month for premium, though unchanging fans might good balk at a prospect. If we are a Final Fantasy XIV player, what do we consider about a Companion App set to launch for Android and iOS in late July?

Source: Square Enix

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