Square Enix’s 2017 Fiscal Year Was Absurdly Profitable Thanks To Final Fantasy XV And Rise Of The Tomb Raider

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Square Enix had a illusory mercantile year of 2017, that finished on Mar 31st. The company’s end-of-year formula are honestly kind of ridiculous. They book net sales of ¥256.8 billion for an boost of 20% billion year over year, an handling income of ¥31.2 billion for an boost of 20.3%, a repeated income of ¥31.1 billion for an boost of 22.9%, and net income attributable to primogenitor association shareholders or “net income” of ¥20 billion for an boost of 0.8%.

Overall a publisher’s sales and income rose sharply, with net sales, handling income, repeated income, and net income all reaching all-time highs. So, if you’re a fan of Square Enix’s many franchises, there is positively no doubt of either they will continue.


These all-time numbers are mostly attributable to a “digital entertainment” side of a company, that is unequivocally a side that they’re famous for, in any case. According to a English interpretation of a presentation:

“The biggest writer to gain there was Final Fantasy XV, which achieved tellurian sales of 6 million units faster than any prior pretension in a franchise. Sales of a PlayStation 4 chronicle of Rise of a Tomb Raider which we expelled in FY2017/3, were also brisk. NieR:Automata, that we expelled in February, was another gain contributor, generating sales significantly above a plan.”

Basically, between FFXVRise of a Tomb Raider, and NieR: Automata, Square Enix managed to hillside in an absurd volume of income for a company.

Sure, nothing of those titles were a top-selling diversion of 2016 or 2017, though they were extravagantly successful compared to Square’s common standards. Combined with a income Square Enix creates off of pre-existing games, that’s utterly a lot of cash. And before we MMO players get upset, a association is really committed to maintaining their MMO user bottom by stability to recover calm for those games. With both Dragon Quest X and Final Fantasy XIV removing vital enlargement packs this year (just a few weeks ’til Stormblood, guys), they’ve got that user bottom — and a income — good in hand.

And a association naturally expects that trend to continue due to their line-up of destiny releases. While we know some of a games featured here won’t uncover adult in a lives for adult to 3 years, it’s still an considerable line-up of DLCs, new games, and new IPs.


Despite that considerable slate, their foresee for a 2018 mercantile year, finale Mar 31st, 2018, is rather conservative. The interpretation reads:

We foresee within ranges, looking for net sales of ¥240-260 billion, handling income of ¥25-30 billion, repeated income of ¥25-30 billion, and net income of ¥16.5-19.5 billion. We have vital pretension releases slated for a initial half of Fiscal Year 2018/3, though given a rather dark opinion for a second half, we have gathered forecasts that are some-more regressive than a Fiscal Year 2017/3 performance.”

Lastly, they resolved with a note about IO Interactive and the Hitman franchise, suggesting that we’ll be saying some-more Hitman from Square, notwithstanding reports indicating that IO is still in growth with more Hitman content. Sounds like no one is certain who got a kids in that divorce.

You can check out a translated slides from their financier call presentation here.

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