Square Enix unveils new ‘Super Savage’ tier for Final Fantasy XIV …

Ultimate difficulty

Square has experimented with implementing aloft raid tiers in a past for Final Fantasy XIV. The Savage Coil of Bahamut was a redo of sorts of a second tier of a initial raid in a game, providing a larger plea for teams who had already privileged a top turn of raid content. It was a cold idea, though it was soon forsaken for a third and final wing of a Bahamut raid, and was never revisited, even once, in a Heavensward expansion.

It’s a judgment that Square Enix has been observant they wish to get behind to, and as of Stormblood, they’re adding The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate), before famous as ‘Super Savage.” Although we need some-more sum it seems that it’s a quarrel that facilities Coil bosses Twintania, Nael, and Bahamut, and will need execution of Stormblood’s monster calm (currently V1S-V4S) to enter. There’s no weekly limit, and players will obtain a token to sell for a arms that will be a same rob turn as a Neo raid (i345). My raid group privileged Neo a other week (and I’m one Glaze divided from full i340 as of Tuesday), so I’m ready.

4.1 will also underline some-more categorical story unfolding quests, new sidequests (including a Hildibrand prolongation and Kojin Beast Tribe errands), a new cave (The Drowned City of Skalla), Shinryu EX, another PVP map (Rival Wings, a 24-on-24 event with mechs), Shirogane plots (and a housing relocation service), residential swimming, a 24-person raid, an extended Lost Canals of Uznair instance, cross-server friends list access, a complement that allows Bards to play records on a hotbar, and a avocation roulette for raids. Some of this might come after on in iterations of 4.1, though regardless, Final Fantasy XIV knows how to do rags right!

Final Fantasy XIV [YouTube]

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