Square Enix Is Offering Final Fantasy XIV Themed Weddings In Japan

Image credit – Duexzero

Being means to bond with your partner over a common seductiveness is great, such as video games where in a past we have seen many gamers get together and get married over a video game. We’ve also seen some video diversion themed weddings, and now it seems that over in Japan, Square Enix is indeed offering adult central Final Fantasy XIV themed weddings.

This is finished in partnership with Japan-based marriage association Duexzero where your marriage outfits will be modeled after those that are in a diversion (as we can see in a print above, that should be informed to players of a game), and your guest will be served food and splash that are also formed in a game. We have no thought how most such a marriage could cost, though it competence be something value checking out if we and your partner are both unequivocally into a game.

In a past we have seen video diversion themed weddings where a integrate customarily takes it on themselves to come adult with everything, so to have Square Enix make it central is a good touch. Plus it has been forked out that Square Enix already supports weddings by a diversion by giving couples special equipment like a ring that lets we teleport to any other, so because not take it into a genuine world, right?

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