Square Enix confirms Final Fantasy XV will get 4 some-more DLCs subsequent year

Final Fantasy XV has had a good run so far, with copiousness of DLC to keep players entrance back. So distant we’ve had particular ‘episodes’ to try a backstories of Gladios, Ignis and Prompto, multiplayer has been combined and one of a game’s story chapters has been expanded. Now in 2019, Square Enix has reliable that Final Fantasy XV will get 4 some-more DLC episodes.

Final Fantasy XV initial launched on Xbox One and PS4 in 2016, given afterwards a diversion has been revitalized with consistent updates, including PS4 Pro and Xbox One X patches, as good as a recover on PC. During a row during PAX East over a weekend, Square Enix reliable that 4 some-more DLC chapters will be streamer to a diversion subsequent year.


These new episodes will enhance on backstories for 4 some-more characters, including Noctis, Ardyn, Aranea and Luna. No specific recover dates have been announced only yet, and we don’t know if these DLCs will be finished in a second deteriorate pass, though that seems likely.

In a meantime, there will be some-more crossover events for Final Fantasy XV. Previously we saw a diversion cranky over with Assassin’s Creed, this time around there will be a cranky over with Tomb Raider, clearly to foster a recover of Shadow of a Tomb Raider after this year.

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KitGuru Says: I’m still operative my approach by Final Fantasy XV now that it’s accessible on PC, though from what I’ve heard, a prior DLC episodes were all utterly good. Have many of we played Final Fantasy XV? Would we lapse for a second turn of DLC subsequent year?

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