Square Enix Celebrates Final Fantasy XIV’s 4th Anniversary; First …

Today Square Enix announced with a press recover a initiatives to applaud Final Fantasy XIV‘s 4th anniversary, that happened yesterday. To be some-more precise, this is a 4th anniversary of a game’s renovate “A Realm Reborn,” that launched on Aug 27th, 2013, given a initial Final Fantasy XIV will applaud a 7th birthday on Sep 30th. Of course,  not many will wish to applaud that.

Between Sep 1st and Sep 2nd, Square Enix will horde a 14-hour livestream from Tokyo, that will embody a 38th Letter from a Producer Live broadcast.

During a broadcast, we’ll get a initial demeanour on patch 4.1, and a puzzling 24-player fondness raid “Return to Ivalice.” Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida will be assimilated by Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics Director Yasumi Matsuno, who wrote a unfolding for a raid.

Yoshida-san accompanied a press recover with a comment:

“This past year has been full of noted moments. From Fan Festivals in Las Vegas, Tokyo, and Frankfurt, right by to a launch of Stormblood, we have been respected by a continued support of the players and are vivacious to share this arise with them. we wanted to appreciate the whole community, that has now reached 10 million Warriors of Light, for ancillary us this far—here’s to even some-more sparkling things to come!”

Michael Christopher Koji Fox will also horde a row during PAX West on Sep 2nd during 1:00 PM PDT, responding questions on science and localization.

The normal anniversary jubilee “The Rising” is also using in diversion as a anniversary event, vouchsafing players win minions portraying Lyse and Gosetsu, Orchestrion Rolls for “Stormblood” and “Answers – Reprise” and more.

If we wish to hear some-more from Yoshida-san himself, we can check out our new talk from Gamescom.

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