Special Pikachu Giveaway For Pokemon Sun And Moon Begins …

Nintendo has begun distributing another giveaway Pokemon for Sun and Moon. Beginning today, players can supplement a special Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat to their teams.

In respect of a series’ 20th anniversary film, Pokemon a Movie: we Choose You, Nintendo is giving divided 6 opposite Pikachu, any of that sports one of a caps that Ash wore via a anime. Additionally, any Pikachu also comes with a somewhat opposite moveset that reflects a attacks it used during that indicate in a series.

To get a Pikachu, select a Mystery Gift choice from a games’ menu shade and submit a formula “PIKACHU20” when prompted. You can afterwards collect your Pikachu adult from a deliveryman watchful inside any of a games’ Pokemon Centers. However, we can usually accept one of a 6 Pikachu, and a one we get depends on when we enter a code. The full placement report is below:

  • September 19-25: Original hat
  • September 26-October 2: Hoenn shawl (Ruby/Sapphire)
  • October 3-9: Sinnoh shawl (Diamond/Pearl)
  • October 10-16: Unova shawl (Black/White)
  • October 17-23: Kalos shawl (X/Y)
  • October 24-30: Alola shawl (Sun/Moon)

Pokemon a Movie: we Choose You will accept a limited melodramatic run on Nov 5-6. You can find your nearest venue and squeeze tickets for a film by Fathom Events. Those who attend a display will also accept a reward Ash’s Pikachu Pokemon TCG card, as good as a special QR formula to use in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, that recover for 3DS on Nov 17. Scanning a formula will get we a opposite Pikachu wearing a top that’s featured in a movie.

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