Spamming Overwatch Voice Lines Can Get You In Trouble

In Overwatch, any impression has a array of prerecorded voice lines that players can muster during will during matches. These embody all from greetings and taunts to McCree’s notoriously Kirk-Hamilton-irritating “I’m your Huckleberry.” It’s not tough to spam them. Just since we can, however, does not meant we should.

In a new Overwatch forum post, one actor complained that they’d been unjustly silenced—that is, had their communication functionality disabled—on mixed occasions. In response, element engineer Scott Mercer pulled adult annals of a player’s grievances and privately remarkable that, even though a microphone, this actor had been “spamming voice lines” in further to being a bad sport, murdering themselves, and generally being a nuisance.


The voice lines thing held other players’ attention, since it’s not peculiar for folks to make characters jabber out greetings and whatnot like their motormouths have held fire. It’s customarily in good fun, though.

“You can get SILENCED for Voiceline spamming?????” wrote one player, summing adult others’ concerns.

Mercer went on to explain that voice line spam is usually a problem when it interferes with other players’ ability to suffer themselves.


“Abusive Chat is any form of hateful, discriminatory, obscene, or disruptive communications,” Mercer wrote. “Threatening or badgering another actor on possibly group is also unacceptable, regardless of a difference used. So YES, if we spam impression voice lines in a approach that is possibly disruptive or would be deliberate harassment, afterwards we could be actioned.”

Some players seem to courtesy this as a appearance of some total voice line monitoring regime, though we suppose a bulk of players who spam a peculiar quote here and there for a giggle will never get any Blizzard-branded grief for it. In this case, especially, it seems like voice line spam was an prolongation of other, some-more sincerely violent behaviors. In Overwatch as in life, don’t be a dick and you’ll substantially be fine.

Unless you’re a Genji who spams “I need healing” all a time. Then we merit whatever terrible predestine befalls you.

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