Spammers Beat Hammers In Overwatch At TaKeOver 2

Pocket strategies can come in accessible when you’re in a conditions like Misfits, who in yesterday’s TaKeOver 2 matches indispensable a win opposite Hammers Esports. When a Misfits came out of a Hollywood parent on offense with a wall of shields and explosives, it positively held Hammers by surprise.

Sometimes referred to as a “spam” composition, a group combination relies on a usually advancing wall of shields to strengthen a categorical repairs dealers in Pharah and Junkrat, who throw consistent projectiles by a wall. Two tanks, dual healers and dual spammers in tow, Misfits usually rolled adult a mountain and onto a point.

One harmful Pharah ultimate later, Misfits cumulative a diversion 4-3 and took a much-needed win. That feat was short-lived, though, as Hammers ran it behind 3 games in a quarrel to take a series.


Games during TaKeOver 2 continue via currently and tomorrow in Krefeld, Germany, and we can locate a movement on TaKeTV’s Twitch channel.

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