SP9RK1E addresses intensity Genji nerfs forward of destiny Overwatch patch


by Michael Gwilliam

Blizzard Entertainment

The Paris Eternal stunned a Overwatch League by dethroning a San Francisco Shock and defeating a Philadelphia Fusion to win a Summer Showdown, mostly in partial to Yeong-han ‘SP9RK1E’ Kim’s Genji. But will his success on a favourite outcome in destiny nerfs?

The Eternal rookie had a widespread opening with a cyborg ninja during Jul 5’s semi-finals and finals, holding full advantage of new Genji buffs and a pre-nerfed Brigitte.


With a assistance of Brigitte’s Repair Pack, a self-proclaimed Genji God was means to play aggressively and build adult his Dragon Blades with ease. Once online, a star would follow adult with Orisa Halts and Super Chargers to inflict limit repairs on his adversaries.

After a match, a 18-year-old expert spoke to Dexerto on a probability of Genji removing nerfed and how a now-live Brigitte changes will impact his team.


Overwatch League

SP9RK1E dominated on Genji in a Summer Showdown.

Will a Brigitte nerfs impact Genji?

“One of a good sides of Brigitte is that her ‘E,’ a armor, allows a other heroes she gives a armor to, to means and do assertive plays,” he explained.

Now, with a additional armor off a table, he doesn’t consider Brigitte will be used as much.

This could be both good and unpropitious to Genji. Brigitte has some of a best collection to close a high-skill favourite down with Shield Bash and Whipshot while still enabling fan Genjis to play aggro and build adult Blades. To contend they have a love-hate attribute would be an understatement.



Paris manager Hee-won ‘RUSH’ Yun serve combined that Brigitte is a tip to Genji’s success.

“Everyone says Genji is a meta, yet what people don’t know is what creates Genji meta is Brig, since Brig is so critical to creation that assertive playstyle [work].”

That said, RUSH did note that he hasn’t focused that most on a Brigitte nerfs. He pronounced his courtesy was essentially on a Summer Showdown, that was run on a prior patch.


Blizzard Entertainment

Could a Brigitte changes harm Genji some-more than assistance him?

SP9RK1E on probable Genji nerfs

SP9RK1E also addressed concerns that his play in a Summer Showdown will be obliged for Blizzard potentially nerfing his hero.

“Even yet he’s a God during Genji, he infrequently fails during it. He’s a tellurian too, he creates mistakes,” Assistant General Manager Kyoung Ey ‘AVALLA’ Kim translated for SP9RK1E.

According to SP9RK1E, Blizzard should patch a favourite “very fairly” and not on his performance.

Notably, some Overwatch League fans credit 2018 MVP Sung-hyeon ‘JJoNak’ Bang as being a pivotal reason because a repairs support Zenyatta had his swap glow nerfed.

Only time will tell how Blizzard decides to change going brazen and if Genji’s success will be hindered immensely by a Repair Pack changes.

We might need to wait to see if that’s a case. As such, Genji and SP9RK1E could be protected from Blizzard’s change for now.




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