Sony WWS Head: Guerrilla Has Become Much More Confident and Diverse Since Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games, a Dutch developer behind Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn, has recently mislaid long-time Managing Director Hermen Hulst as he changed to turn a conduct of Sony’s Worldwide Studios organization.

Hulst was only featured in an talk with GamesIndustry as partial of a publication’s ‘People of a Year’ array of articles. During a chat, he described a pursuit event as a tough one to ignore.

PlayStation Worldwide Studios Boss Shuhei Yoshida Replaced by Guerrilla Games Co-Founder

I’ve been really advantageous to be surrounded by good talent during Guerrilla. I’ve been in a trenches with them, that has given me a lot of discernment in artistic and growth processes… The possibility to work with all a other studios was a tough event to ignore.

As mentioned in a title, Hulst also took a impulse to plead his former studio’s arena from launch Horizon Zero Dawn, that he labeled a ‘key moment’ for Guerrilla, to what came next.

Another pivotal impulse for us during Guerrilla clearly was a launch of Horizon Zero Dawn. The developer of dirty first-person shooters had combined an open universe full of beauty with an romantic plot.

The group [at Guerrilla] has turn a lot some-more different given a launch of Horizon Zero Dawn. More than Killzone, Horizon seems to attract devs from all sorts of backgrounds. And we consider that a success of Horizon has given a group a lot of confidence. Game growth will always be tough as nails, though when a going gets tough there now seems to be a healthy ‘we’ll figure it out’ opinion [at Guerrilla].

Indeed, Guerrilla had never enjoyed a identical turn of success before via a whole growth history. Killzone 2 did get a lot of regard when it launched, though a estimated 3.2 million units sole aren’t scarcely allied to Horizon Zero Dawn’s over 10 million copies.

With a newfound confidence, Guerrilla is staid to try and repeat a success with a unavoidable Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, that is widely believed to be in growth for a PlayStation 5 console. Given that a initial installment expelled in early 2017, HZD 2 could be streamer towards an early 2021 launch window after about 4 years of development. We’ll keep we familiar of any petrify rumors, leaks, and central news as they come.

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