Sony teases “big announcements” for Japanese games during E3 2017

DualShock 4

Sony Interactive Entertainment America boss and CEO Shawn Layden is teasing “some large announcements” for Japanese games during E3 2017.

Speaking to Time, Layden pronounced that Japanese publishers are entrance behind to console, citing new releases like Resident Evil 7: biohazard, Nioh, NieR: Automata, Persona 5, and Final Fantasy XV as examples.

“That’s super critical for us,” Layden said. “I consider a lot of Japanese developers mislaid their approach chasing a mobile games yen, if we will, though they’re entrance behind to console in a vital way. And vocalization of, we’ll have some large announcements during E3 in that accurate vein.”

There has been most conjecture online about a intensity proclamation of a Bloodborne sequel. When asked by Glixel either there will be any word of Sony partnering with From Software on a Bloodborne supplement during E3 2017 (as good as either there will be any news on what Sucker Punch is operative on), Layden said, “You can ask,” though wouldn’t contend anything further.

In other news, Layden reliable to Time that Sony’s E3 2017 pres discussion this year will follow a same format as final year, being reduction of a press discussion and some-more of a program showcase. “The throng will usually have to humour we consider in total 90 seconds of me,” he joked. “And in a center will be all a games.”

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