Sony takes us behind a scenes of a Shadow of a Colossus remake

Sharper shadows

The Shadow of a Colossus reconstitute is scarcely on us, so Sony is amping adult a hype sight by holding us behind a scenes with Bluepoint Studios’ work. While any video is short, we do get to know how Bluepoint approached a plan and what a preference was for rebellious such a dear game.

What is a genuine provide is a talk with composer Kow Otani. Shadow of a Colossus has one of a biggest soundtracks ever recorded, regardless of medium, so it is unequivocally intriguing to learn about because he chose specific instruments and what his measure was perplexing to evoke. we unequivocally wish we could get a half hour video with only him, though I’ll take what we can get.

Remaking a Masterpiece: Shadow of a Colossus for PS4 [YouTube]

SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS – Kow Otani Interview | PS4 [YouTube]

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