Sony is adding a supersampling choice to PS4 Pro

It’s being beta tested right now

Sony is contrast a system-wide supersampling underline for PlayStation 4 Pro owners.

As speckled in a PS4 refurbish 5.50 beta, “Supersampling Mode can urge a picture peculiarity of some games on a TV with 2K fortitude or lower.” Much like final year’s Boost Mode refurbish for a console, you’ll be means to toggle supersampling on and off and “results might differ depending on a games. In some games, picture peculiarity might not improve, or a support rate might change.”

This will be a acquire addition. As is, certain games with 4K support on PS4 Pro don’t offer advantages to players with 1080p displays. (Here’s a good running list from ResetEra’s Vashetti.) That’s where this new mode comes in for titles like Dishonored 2 that don’t offer built-in downsampling.

Microsoft already has a resolution in place on Xbox One X, so it’s good to see Sony locate adult here.

System far-reaching supersampling combined in PS4 complement refurbish 5.50 [ResetEra]

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