Sony Announces ‘God Of War’ Is The Fastest Selling PlayStation 4 Exclusive Ever

Sony suggested that God of War has turn a fastest offered PlayStation 4 disdainful game. It says that it sole some-more than 3.1 million units globally in a initial 3 days (April 20-22) of launch.

God of War has been a vicious and renouned success for Sony.

Sony only proved what a large understanding God of War is for a company. The prior record hilt for a pretension of fastest offered PlayStation 4 disdainful was Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End released in May 2016. That diversion managed to sell 2.7 million copies worldwide.

In a proclamation by Sony, Shannon Studstill a conduct of Sony Santa Monica, that grown God of War, said that she would like to appreciate a fans who bought a game. Studstill calls a support that a diversion has received, inspiring. She also pronounced interjection to a artistic director, Cory Barlog, and a executive of product development, Yumi Yang, by name in a statement.

Sony’s matter doesn’t use the word shipped, instead, it says sole definition that any of those copies was purchased by a person. God of War has been as a success for Sony. Critically it has been hailed as an achievement.

Other best selling PlayStation 4 exclusives embody Horizon Zero Dawn which sole 2.6 million units in dual weeks and The Last Of Us which shipped 3.4 million units in 3 weeks for PlayStation 3.

With a success of a game, it seems that a DLC should be approaching though that’s not partial of a plan. All a approach behind in January, it was confirmed that a diversion would not have DLC grown for it. God of War director Cory Barlog reliable that a diversion doesn’t have any DLC and that a finish wasn’t meant to vigilance additional content.

Talking with Kotaku, Barlog says that after 5 years spent building God of War that a developers wish to let it lay for a while. Barlog also says that a group attempted to do something that developers used to do that was recover a full diversion during once but slicing calm for after use.

He likens a finish of God of War to a after credits scenes used by Marvel to spirit during destiny movies. While a finale might not be addressed with destiny DLC, it could be addressed with destiny games in a series. Barlog says that people shouldn’t be cheated buts instead should feel blissful that they have a whole diversion instead of carrying a partial of it cut off.

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