Something Substantial is Happening in No Man’s Sky Next Week

The Alternate Reality Game that Hello Games have been personification with No Man’s Sky players for a past month looks to be finally entrance to a consummate as all dates indicate to Jul 21.

Earlier this year pivotal members of a No Man’s Sky village received cassette tapes, on these cassette tapes were mysterious messages which, once decoded, spelled out a word “Portal”. Since then, a ARG has continued tenfold.

Progress has lead players to a website, that once registered, gave them entrance to a livestream video that hints that something large is entrance on Jul 21, though usually a name few will be means to enter.

Looks like there are a name series of Level 4 Atlas Passes that will be awarded to 10,000 applicants, though they’ll need to finish a petition and a handful of tasks before they’re deemed worthy.

I mean, that’s a Beta, right? Only a name few dedicated players can enter, have to be dedicated, have to register and yield feedback. Oh, and an “internal memo” reveals that “Project Walking Titan” will be finish in August.

Whatever it is, dedicated players can try and benefit entrance to Project Walking Titan on Jul 21 that is when we’ll all substantially find out what a ruin is going on.

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