Solve all 16 Trespasser Puzzles in Ratchet and Clank

In Ratchet Clank, we will come opposite tons of puzzles involving the Trespasser for equipment such as crates, Gold Bolts, and even RYNO Holocards!

Here we can find solutions to all sixteen Trespasser puzzles in a game. While several puzzles have mixed solutions, these are a ones that outcome by regulating AutoHack immediately after entering a puzzle.

EditBlackwater Markets – Rilgar

This Trespasser nonplus will be located right after we obtain a Trespasser from a RYNO Dealer in a Blackwater Markets. You’ll need to moment it to get behind to your ship, though it’s a easiest nonplus in a game. This initial nonplus simply introduces a simple laser/receptor mechanic.

EditRYNO Holocard Room – Kerwan

This Trespasser nonplus is roughly right during a commencement of a initial on-foot territory of a turn that takes we to Al’s Roboshack. If we didn’t finish Rilgar before visiting Kerwan, you’ll have to remember to come behind here, that we can do by holding a cab behind from behind your Star Jumper.

EditBTS Entrance – Nebula G34

This Trespasser nonplus is found during a start of a track for Operation: Falling Star to a right of your ship, and is imperative to swell by a level. This nonplus introduces Blockers for a initial time.

EditRYNO Holocard Room – Nebula G34

This depot is on a categorical pathway for Operation: Falling Star, only before a corridor room with a vast rocket in a middle. Crack it, and you’ll open adult a room with lots of crates and a RY3NO Holocard.

EditRYNO Vault – Batalia

You’ll find this nonplus in a opening area where there will be dual vast buildings, only past a ramp adult to a grub rail. Specifically a depot is on a left-hand building, a one with a burst container heading to a Gold Bolt on a roof. Cracking this one will open adult a safe with many crates and a RYNO IV Holocard.

EditStarwatch Defence Cannon – Batalia

This is a nonplus that we will be compulsory to moment in sequence to activate a Starwatch Defence Cannon and finish Batalia. This one teaches we how to deactivate certain rings.

EditScenic Sewer Floodgate – Pokitaru

This Pokitaru Trespasser nonplus can be found in a cesspool areas that are found after receiving a Thrusterpack. This is a initial nonplus you’ll find early in a level, in a initial room after we empty it with a Hydrodisplacer.

EditScenic Sewer Door – Pokitaru

This Pokitaru Trespasser nonplus can also be found in a cesspool areas that are found after receiving a Thrusterpack. This is a second nonplus you’ll find, during a tip of a vast round room where we quarrel many Amoeboids.

EditFueling Station Forcefield – Quartu

This Trespasser nonplus can be found in a area directly after entering a Factory prolongation line, in front of an orange forcefield that we need to open adult in sequence to use a Jetpack and continue on by a level.

EditGold Bolt Room – Quartu

This Trespasser puzle can also be found in a Factory prolongation line, and requires use of a Jetpack to reach. One of a smaller doors in a South-West dilemma of a room will have a Trespasser terminalthat leads to a Bolt Crank, that opens adult a approach to a Gold Bolt.

EditWarbot Factory Office – Quartu

This Trespasser nonplus is compulsory to finish adult world Quartu, inside a Factory prolongation line. You’ll need to solve this nonplus in sequence to entrance Drek’s Office and finish a mission.

EditStatue Room – Deplanetizer (1)

This Trespasser depot can be found in a Statue Room on a Deplanetizer during your initial visit, and is compulsory to swell further.

EditDrek’s Office – Deplanetizer (1)

This Trespasser nonplus can be found in Drek’s Office during a initial Deplanetizer visit, and is also compulsory to continue on by a level.

EditSecurity Terminal – Deplanetizer (2)

This Trespasser nonplus can be found in a vast area where we need to find out a Gravity Stabilizer’s plcae during your second Deplanetizer visit. As before, it is a imperative puzzle.

EditStarcracker Core – Deplanetizer (2)

This Trespasser nonplus can be found in a core of a Starcracker during a second Deplanetizer visit, and you’ll need to use your Trespasser in sequence to invalidate a Gravity Stabilizer to continue.

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