Solutions to Uncharted 4’s Most Frustrating Puzzles

This page contains information on how to solve a several puzzles in Uncharted 4.

EditThe Zodiac Puzzle

After reaching a dungeon in Chapter 02: Infernal Place, you’ll find a garland of black and roman numerals forged into a walls. You competence have beheld that there are identical black on a notation Vargas gave we earlier.

In method to force Nate to make this connection, inspect a Sun/Moon symbols in a dilemma of a dungeon subsequent to a door, afterwards lift out a notation and flip it over.

Once you’ve got a dual symbols, locate them on a wall – they’re a zodiac black for Saggitarius and Scorpio, and they paint a roman numerals X and II, respectively.

Locate a section with a series XII on it, afterwards correlate with it to solve a nonplus and trigger a cutscene.

EditThe Grave of Henry Avery


In Chapter 08: The Grave of Henry Avery, initial locate a scold gravestone during a distant finish of a cemetary – it’s nearby a dilemma of a cliff, with a vast skull placed in a core (in further to a other compulsory characteristics).


Once we strech a cover underground, make your approach behind it and correlate with a chandelier on a backside of a tableau (across from a door). Sam will use his lighter to set a fire – once it’s lit, lapse to a front side of a statue (with a 3 crucified figures).


Interact with any figure and stagger / pierce a beams of light to line adult with a analogous spots on a door. The executive statue (Jesus) aligns with a tip and bottom spots, while a right statue (Gestas) illuminates a top-left and bottom-right of a remaining spots and a left statue (Dismas) illuminates a final two.

Return to a pathway and correlate with a now-revealed hoop to open it and finish a puzzle.

EditThe Cross Puzzle

Once they strech a subterraneous caverns in Chapter 09: For Those Who Prove Worthy, Nate and Sam fast find themselves trapped in a cover with an elaborate appliance featuring 3 crosses. To invalidate a resource that prevents we from unlocking a exit door, we contingency arrange a crosses so that they counterpart a statues of a crucifixion we found progressing (Dismas on a left, Gestas on a right and Jesus in a center).


First, take a bucket and fill it with H2O in a pool subsequent a exit door. Hand a pail adult to Sam and afterwards stand behind adult to a device. When Sam places a bucket in a suitable spot, dual some-more control wheels will be unlocked.

Each round control a circle, segments of that overlie with other moveable circles – a intent of this nonplus is to get all a pieces in a right place before activating a switch.

Labelling a control wheels 1, 2, 3 and 4 (from left to right), spin them in a following method to finish a puzzle:

  • Rotate Wheel #1 one turn to a right (clockwise).
  • Rotate Wheel #3 two turns to a left (counter-clockwise).
  • Rotate Wheel #4 one turn to a right.
  • Rotate Wheel #2 one turn to a left.
  • Rotate Wheel #4 two turns to a right.
  • Rotate Wheel #3 one turn to a right.

Once a all is in a scold place, travel to a exit resource and correlate with it to open a door.

The solved nonplus looks like this:

EditThe Clock Tower

In Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight, Nate and Sully contingency find a opening to Avery’s tip cover within a Kings Bay time tower. After fixation a silver we found in Scotland into a executive column, 4 statues will seem around a room. The design is to ring a bells that conform to any statue in a method they appeared. For specific platforming tutorials, see a video on a walkthrough page for  Chapter 11.


The initial height with a bell mechansims we will strech is a Leo platform. Use a gears in front of this height to stand adult and to a left to strech a Scorpio bell.


Use a gears on your left to stand down to a Aquarius bell platform.


Next, conduct to a distant finish of a height and burst by a rigging , afterwards use a counterweight to stand around a dilemma and behind adult to a Leo platform.


For a fourth bell, Taurus, stand behind adult towards a Scorpio bell, though instead of regulating a vast rigging to stand down, use a ones to it’s left to stand adult and burst to a overhanging pendulum. Leap from a pendulum to strech a fourth bell.


Once a 4 bells have been rung, we need to strech a tip of a building to finish a puzzle. Head adult a staircase that appears after a cutscene, afterwards use your wire to pitch opposite to a other side of a tower.


Climb onto a vast hoop to temporarily stop a clock’s mechanisms – while they’re stopped, stand adult a vast rigging and burst to a wooden height behind a face of a clock.


In method to pass by a time face exterior, stand onto a rigging inside a face to reposition a notation palm of a clock. This will concede we to stand across, though be warned – a lax palm can't support weight for long.

Once you’ve safely traversed a time face, continue adult to a tip of a building around a dilemma to finish a nonplus by toll a top bell.

EditWheel of Founders

When Nate and Sully enter a cover underneath a time building in Chapter 11, they find a vast round labelled “Founders”. To solve this puzzle, they contingency rightly align a sigils of several bandit captains, as indicated by a initial dual – Henry Avery and Thomas Two.


Head by a pathway that opens and collect out a highlighted black on any portrayal to note them down in your journal. Baldrige’s is subsequent to his armpit, Condent’s is only subsequent his good hand, and Bonny’s is on a right side of her waist.

Pull adult your biography to align a symbols, afterwards lapse to a round and make a following adjustments to any sigil:

  • Rotate Baldridge’ssigilonce to a left.
  • Rotate Bonny’s sigil once a a right.
  • Rotate Condent’s sigilonce to a right.

After a second quarrel appears and Nate texts Sam, conduct into a newly-open cover and correlate with a depressed mural to mountain it behind on a wall.


The markings on Mayes’s portrayal can be found underneath a mainstay on a left side, while Richard Want’s is subsequent to his siren and Farrels in underneath his sword hand.

Return to a round and adjust a sigils in this order:

  • Rotate Want’s sigil once to a right.
  • Rotate Farrell’s sigil once to a left.
  • Rotate Mayes’s sigil so it’s upside-down.

Once that quarrel is finished and a subsequent cover has openend, send Sam a content and conduct by a new doorway. Two of a paintings are unlablelled, though we can solve these by routine of elimination.


The initial bandit (who some of we competence recognize) has black sitting subsequent to his burnt elbow. The subsequent one, expelling a other dual on a list Sam sends over, is Tarik bin-Malik, with a markings for his Serpent pitch above a right side of his head. Al-basra’s are during a bottom of his sash, and England’s are dark on his satchel.

Align a black in your journal, afterwards lapse to a round and make a following adjustments:

  • Rotate a Scales so that they’re upside-down.
  • Rotate a Serpent once to a left.
  • Rotate a Monkey so that it’s upside-down.
  • Rotate a Tiger once to a right.

Once a round turns over, sketch a 3 discs to finish a puzzle.

EditThe Wheel Chamber

In Chapter 12: At Sea, Sam and Nate learn a vast room with a round in a center. This round controls vast mill spheres mounted on a wall that contingency be aligned in suitability to a several light patterns on any ring of wall.

EditThe First Ring

Perform a following actions to align a scold patterns:

  • Move a ring one space to a right.
  • Rotate three times 
  • Move a ring two spaces to a left.

Rotate 6 times (so a W is confronting out).

  • Move a spheres into a light.

EditThe Second Ring

  • Move the ring four spaces to a left
    (so that a right universe is moveable though not a left)
  • Rotate twice (so a line crosses a round L-R).
  • Move a ring one space to a left
    (so that a left universe is moveable though not a right)
  • Rotate four times.
  • Move a orbs into position.

EditThe third ring

This ring is trickier, given a dials stagger as they pierce along a ring. Here’s a fastest method to finish this ring:

  • Rotate a dials four times
  • Move a ring two spaces right
    (So that a right-hand dial is moveable though not a left)
  • Rotate the dialsix times
  • Align a dials in a light.

EditThe Death Maze

Near a finish of Chapter 19: Avery’s Descent, Elena and Nate contingency navigate a lethal obstruction combined by Avery.

Refer to a picture above for a protected trail opposite this trap – if it isn’t obvious, a squares noted with a hulk skull will kill you.

EditVideo Guides

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