Soapbox: Why God of War Needs an Expansion Pack

I’m frequency prepared for a supplement immediately after finishing a game, though if Sony pronounced God of War 2 was out subsequent week I’d be right during a front of a queue. Without giving anything away, one of my favourite things about this diversion is how it feels finish and self-contained, while still unequivocally apparently being a initial partial of a incomparable whole. we wish to know what happens next, though practically it’s going to take during slightest 3 years for Santa Monica to holder out another instalment.

[Please note that a rest of this essay will embody some unequivocally tiny spoilers about a structure of God of War’s campaign. Story spoilers will be kept to a minimum, though this warning is in place usually in box you’re still on a media blackout.]

It’s because I’m praying to Odin for some kind of enlargement pack. These seem to be a partial of Sony’s plan of late: Bloodborne was significantly extended by The Old Hunters; Horizon: Zero Dawn perceived an wholly new landmass pressed with quests and side-stories with The Frozen Wilds; Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’s post-release enlargement container The Lost Legacy was so vast that it developed into a possess standalone game.

So a fashion is there, and God of War has all a hooks to make it a reality. Those of we who’ve played a few hours of a diversion will know that a World Tree enables we to transport to opposite realms within Norse mythology, and a handful of these are blocked by an Odin enchantment. Could that spell be carried alongside a squeeze of an enlargement container perhaps? In my head, it creates distant too most clarity and simply has to happen.

I’m not seeking for a universe with this enlargement container by a approach – we usually wish more. Open adult those realms, repurpose all of a mechanics from a categorical game, and chuck in a few new runic abilities and gear. That’s it. Perhaps a integrate of uninformed trainer fights and rivalry forms and we’re unequivocally talking. It’s a kind of work that a bulk of a Santa Monica group could be enormous on with while a unavoidable supplement goes into pre-production.

Of march it contingency continue a story. While we adore a arc of a categorical debate and feel it comes to a unequivocally fulfilling conclusion, there is a incomparable story during play here, and we usually wish a few some-more teases before we go into hibernation forward of a subsequent edition. All we ask is for a small bit more, both from a determined expel of characters – and a couple, perhaps, that we’ve hardly seen. Those of we who’ve finished a story might be means to infer who we mean.

E3 2018 will substantially come a small too early for this; Santa Monica’s usually recently wrapped prolongation on a categorical game. But a Paris Games Week or PSX exhibit forward of an early 2019 recover date? Why not? Many protest about DLC like it’s a demon incarnate, though we adore a approach Sony’s been doing it. Substantial, tasty enlargement packs are always acquire – and when a core games are as good as God of War, it’s tough not to wish that small bit more. 

Would we buy a God of War enlargement pack? Would we rather Sony Santa Monica usually got to work on a sequel? Do we consider Kratos and organisation should be left alone for a small bit? Raise your mattock in a comments territory below.

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