Sneak Peek of Final Fantasy XV Monster Book

Video games mostly have implausible beast designs, and a Final Fantasy array has a share of considerable and singular creatures. If we ever wondered what goes into a pattern and origination of these monsters, here’s your possibility to get a glimpse. Square Enix recently uploaded a video that provides a hide demeanour during a “monster book” for Final Fantasy XV.

The book includes judgment art, sketches, and all else they used to make Final Fantasy XV’s monsters.

If you’re especially meddlesome in saying new fact about Final Fantasy XV, we won’t get many of that here, nonetheless some cold judgment art is shown off. However, it’s an intriguing demeanour during how monsters are designed and how real-world creatures are used as inspiration.

Some fans hoped a video meant these books would go on sale, though that’s unlikely. While judgment art and sketches could seem in destiny art books, a beast book is for a group operative on a diversion and this is only a singular behind-the-scenes demeanour during beast design.

The beast book video was suggested as partial of a new Final Fantasy XV promotional debate called “Become a Chocobo Keeper.” The campaign’s idea is to attract some-more supporters to a Final Fantasy XV English Twitter account. As a comment gains followers, a Chocobo lays some-more eggs, that afterwards “hatch” special rewards for fans.

The early Chocobo Keeper rewards were sincerely minor. For example, a initial egg contained elementary Final Fantasy XV-themed avatars to use online. The beast book came from a fourth, and many recent, egg.

At a time of this article, a subsequent egg is about 1200 Chocobo Keepers away. If 1200 some-more people follow a Final Fantasy XV Twitter account, another prerogative will be unlocked. And dual eggs after that is a large golden egg, that is certain to enclose a some-more engaging present than any of a prior ones.

Share your thoughts on a beast book in a comments below, and conduct on over to a “Become a Chocobo Keeper” promotional campaign to check out a prior rewards. Don’t forget, if you’re meddlesome in bringing a subsequent egg a small closer to catching, all we need to do is follow a Final Fantasy XV English Twitter account.

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