Showtime Maintains That Its Halo TV Show is "Still In Very Active Development"

It’s been 4 and a half years given Microsoft announced that a live-action TV array formed off a extravagantly successful Halo array was being grown during Showtime. It’s been only as prolonged given fans perceived any refurbish on a Steven Spielberg-backed project, though that information drought finished this week.

Speaking to TV Guide, Showtime President CEO David Nevins reassured everybody that a Halo TV array is surprisingly still really most alive. “[It’s] still in really active development,” pronounced Nevins.

“[It] is positively still in development, still relocating brazen and I’m speedy by what we’ve seen so far,” pronounced Gary Levine, Showtime’s boss of programming, adding, “it will really prove a fans of Halo and we consider also prove a play audiences of Showtime.”

Levine also pronounced that he had seen some scripts, though no serve information on a calendar for a array or where a array will fit into a long-running videogame series’ science was emitted by possibly executive.

In a time given a proclamation was made, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 have all been released, though with it clearly being time for a subsequent pretension in a tale to release, it creates some clarity that a wire hulk would start pitter-patter adult some hum for a perceived-as-dormant TV project.

So, a uncover is still alive and kicking apparently, but, even after providing an update, it feels like we know zero some-more or zero reduction than we did on that day during E3 2013 when Steven Spielberg talked about how most he desired personification pong.

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