Show your Pride in Final Fantasy XIV with Gayorzea

With a worlds jubilee of Pride now in full swing, it’s usually right to prominence a outrageous and flourishing LGBTQ+ community within a cyberworld.  The largest of these communities is called Gayorzea a spin on FFXIV’s practical land Eorzea.  This giveaway village brings together thousands of LGBTQ+ gamers with a adore of Final Fantasy XIV, to a breakwater that they can call their own.  Along with this behind in 2017 Gayorzea partnered with Discord, one of a largest voice and content discuss services opposite a globe.

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“Gayorzea places itself in a business of bringing people together as a fully-fledged LGBTQ village – and of course, they unequivocally adore personification Final Fantasy XIV together! Their categorical idea is to make it easier to share practice with other like-minded players. They have channels for counterpart support and recommendation on any subject; either it’s doubt gender temperament or sexuality, attribute matters, mental health topics and passionate health too. The organisation is now in a routine of formulating a initial emanate of their repository that will applaud a artists, writers, streamers, and stories from members around a world.”

“Gayorzea exists to be a protected breakwater divided from a animosity. It is such a different village and has members from all around a world. It is a place where people that humour genuine hardship and earthy torture in their countries for only being who they are can find a small reprieve.”

“So if zero else for general Pride month, we’re not only reflecting on how we can be unapproachable to be who we are, we’re also celebrating that we can emanate something unequivocally special… something that’s welcoming, thorough and fun for everyone, regardless of who they are.”

“…we’re unequivocally beholden to companies like Discord and Square Enix for display genuine care in a universe and ancillary a LGBTQ community. Final Fantasy XIV did this, of march a few years ago by permitting same-sex ‘marriages’ in game.”

For some-more information on Gayozea revisit their categorical website here.


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