‘Shelter In Place’ Sparks More Extreme Changes To ‘Pokémon GO’

While video diversion prolongation might be in misunderstanding with whole studios operative from home, indeed personification video games is one of a usually things many stuck-inside quarantiners can do as state after state, nation after nation issues “shelter in place” orders where we radically can’t go anywhere solely a pharmacy or grocery store.

One of a usually games this directly impacts is Niantic’s Pokémon GO, a diversion that relies on being outside, personification with other people in tighten vicinity and visiting renouned landmarks. This has always been one of a many singular appeals, as so few games are this outdoorsy and social, yet now in a tellurian pandemic, it’s a outrageous wreckage to a core concept.

Niantic has already attempted a few things to enthuse continued Pokémon GO gameplay, increasing spawns and such, but now they’re going a step further with a slew of new changes and additions to a diversion meant to enthuse players to stay indoors as many as possible.

Here’s what’s changing:

There’s now 3x XP and Stardust from your initial locate of a day. This reward stacks with Star Pieces and Lucky Eggs.

There is now a 1 PokeCoin gold (essentially free) that gives we 100 Pokeballs, that is meant to fight a problem that many people can't (or during slightest should not) go to Pokestops for a uninformed supply. These bundles will change any week to new items, and there’s already another one that’s 1 silver for 30 scent so we indeed have something to catch.

You can now lift 20 gifts in your register and open 30 daily, as this is an aspect of a diversion that relies on carrying friends that we don’t indeed have to see in person. Gifts will now enclose some-more Pokeballs than usual.

These will expected not be a final changes to a game. we have listened a common ask from players about a intensity for a “plantable” PokeStop that we could say, place on your home to get equipment from, yet that might only be sad meditative (rural players have been requesting something like that for years).

I do not enviousness Niantic perplexing to figure out how to keep people personification a diversion designed to be amicable and outdoor in a tellurian pandemic, yet they’re doing their best. More to come.

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