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Shashank Verma is a rarely learned 3D Environment Artist who has worked on some of a many obvious productions in a world, among them, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain (Konami). Released in 2015 for Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. Verma’s other achievements embody operative on” The Grand Tour Game by Amazon Game Studios for PlayStation and Xbox One, which, formed on a rarely successful streaming array on Amazon Prime “The Grand Tour”. It was praised by trade and news publications alike, including GeekWire, Engadget, CNet, and Variety. Verma is a rarely learned 3D artist who has imagination in some-more than a dozen of the industry’s many slicing corner record platforms, including Autodesk Maya and Epic Unreal Engine, creation him mount out as a singly gifted item to a prolongation teams.

Thanks to his leading reputation, Verma has worked with some of a biggest names in a industry, among them, Dr. Mahender Singh – Founder/CEO of Knex Inc. and Former Executive Director of MIT Global Scale Network Asia. Scott Chiu, a 10-year maestro Art Director during Heavy Iron Studio, formed in Manhattan Beach CA and Luis Blackaller, prolonged time Creative Director and Producer during Wevr Venice Beach CA.

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