Shadow Warrior 2 is now giveaway to explain on GOG, beats Firewatch and Superhot

Earlier this week, a GOG store began a celebrations for channel a considerable 10 years of use milestone, lovely a look, commencement a storewide sale, and even giving a story doctrine about a company. What it also kicked off was a opinion that motionless what diversion would be given divided for giveaway today, and that has finally come to a close, determining a leader to be Shadow Warrior 2.

To take a tip spot, Shadow Warrior 2. had to kick out Firewatch and Superhot, dual massively renouned titles on their own, though it seems people wanted to get their hands on a commune shooter usually a bit some-more this time.

The winning first-person pretension has a franchise’s friendly niggardly ninja Lo Wang returning after what transpired in a 2013 reboot, and this time he can move along 3 ninja friends to assistance him in his new adventures. The chaotic guns and blades fighting complement is behind as well, vouchsafing players decimate demons however they select while doing copiousness of acrobatic and lethal maneuvers.

Shadow Warrior 2 would routinely cost $39.99 on a DRM-free storefront, though right now it can be claimed for giveaway usually by formulating a GOG comment and streamer here. The graduation will run for 48 hours straight. Note that a commune multiplayer activities are usually permitted around GOG’s Galaxy client. Be prepared for some delayed loading of a website, however, there will be copiousness of people backing up.

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