Shadow of War’s PC DRM was burst in underneath 24 hours

It was usually yesterday that Middle-earth: Shadow of War launched, though now a PC chronicle has seen a DRM resource cracked. Shadow of War reportedly uses Denuvo’s DRM system, burst in reduction than 24 hours.




Denuvo’s DRM complement is used by diversion developers to quell piracy, though apparently not in a box of Shadow of War, since it took reduction than 24 freaking hours. In comparison, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s DRM was burst inside of 10 days, while Resident Evil 7 was burst in reduction than a week. Denuvo is used by some of a biggest developers, on some of a biggest games on a marketplace including Batman: Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and Rise of a Tomb Raider.

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