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We are down to 6 teams in a initial deteriorate of a Overwatch League. While those clubs prepared for a deteriorate playoffs and a possibility to play in a final in Brooklyn for a initial joining championship, there are 6 franchises that will have a prolonged offseason to consider about what went wrong. With a Overwatch World Cup commencement after a final, it will be months before these teams play another suggestive game, and that means time for reflection.

Here is a send-off to those 6 we won’t see until a 2019 deteriorate rolls around, when there should be even some-more enlargement franchises to conflict for spots in a postseason.

Houston Outlaws

Finished: Seventh (22-18, +17)

Team MVP: Austin “Muma” Wilmot

This comes down to presumably Muma or a team’s usually unchanging DPS hazard in Jiri “LiNkzr” Masalin. Either choice would be acceptable, though we give a slight corner to Muma, whose opening as a categorical tank was considerable via a initial deteriorate of Overwatch League. His Orisa, Reinhardt and Winston were standouts for a Outlaws in Season 1 and gave his group a required space even when they lacked a collection to take advantage of pronounced openings.

Offseason mood: Frustration

The Outlaws should feel as if it let one trip away. At +17, a team’s map measure was good adequate as prolonged as it could get a compare wins, though waste in five-map contests came behind to haunt Houston, while a Philadelphia Fusion, who had usually a +13 map differential, done it into a playoffs by one-upping a Outlaws on fifth maps and in ubiquitous being one of a softened fifth-map teams in a competition.

Going into a 2019 season, Houston has a horizon for a clever team, though it’ll need to during slightest add, we know, a Tracer actor if it wants to consider about anything other than short-term success. At slightest we’ll always have a Jacob “Jake” Lyon memes.

Seoul Dynasty

Finished: Eighth (22-18, +13)

Team MVP: Kim “Fleta” Byung-sun

The large trends and changes of OWL Season 1

With a initial Overwatch League unchanging deteriorate during a end, ESPN Stats Information looks behind during a biggest storylines of a year.

  • No china backing in Shanghai’s 0-40 Overwatch League season

    Zero wins, forty losses. Every Overwatch League group wanted to have a special initial season, though for a Shanghai Dragons, what they’ll be remembered for is infamous.

  • LA Valiant beats NYXL for Stage 4 title

    The Los Angeles Valiant softened to 3-0 opposite a Gladiators in tiebreaker maps to start a Stage 4 playoffs on Sunday during Blizzard Arena.

  • It isn’t satisfactory that Fleta isn’t in a initial Overwatch League playoffs. When Fleta began his veteran career on Flash Lux in South Korea’s APEX league, his solo carrying talents on a hamstrung group became a things of legend. After his transaction over to a Seoul Dynasty, his past was ostensible to stay usually that. Instead, a clever start to a deteriorate by a Dynasty finished with Fleta substantially meditative he was walking behind into a Flash Lux locker room. Even by a finish of a season, Fleta’s vast numbers started to blur with a miss of congruity and fortitude in a starting roster.

    Offseason mood: Embarrassed

    Seoul named itself a “Dynasty” given it didn’t wish to win usually one title. It wanted to set a fashion for a rest of a joining to follow.

    Spoiler: You can’t turn a dynasty if we can’t even make a playoffs.

    Seoul will go into a offseason with a conduct hung low, though with an event to redress things in Season 2. No segment has some-more budding talent than South Korea, and with a prolonged offseason, a Dynasty should — a keyword here is should — be able of anticipating a pieces to put around a core of a group in Fleta and Kim “Zunba” Joon-hyuk.

    San Francisco Shock

    Finished: Ninth (17-23, -7)

    Team MVP: Nikola “Sleepy” Andrews

    In a deteriorate that saw San Francisco change from cannon provender to legitimate theatre playoff contender, Sleepy was there to see it all. The American support actor was a explanation for a bar and in a tip half of Zenyatta players via a year. Not usually has Sleepy determined himself as a starter for a destiny in San Francisco, though he should also be saying himself in a red, white and blue United States jersey for a arriving World Cup. The sky’s a extent for San Francisco’s standout support.

    Offseason mood: Optimistic

    As cliché as it sounds, San Francisco wasn’t eyeing a championship this season. That competence seem descent to a fans, though it’s true, and in a prolonged run, it’ll some-more than approaching be a right decision.

    Not each group can be a contender out of a gate, and a Shock, instead of doing all in a energy to be a personality in a initial year and bushel a long-term success, laid a grounds for championships for a future. It sealed dual starters who couldn’t play until their 18th birthdays, alien dual South Korean talents in a second half of a deteriorate and wrapped it all adult with a signing of a usually manager to lead a group to an undefeated stage, Boston Uprising’s Park “Crusty” Da-hee.

    Going into Season 2, a Shock doesn’t need to make any changes. If it can keep a core together and let Crusty work with a group over a offseason, a Shock can be a top-five group going into 2019 with a roof that is identical to a California opposition Los Angeles Valiant, that also possesses a hybrid Korean-English register with a South Korea coach. With a Valiant favorites to make a Overwatch League Grand Finals, that’s a good mark to be in for a No. 9 group in a league.

    Dallas Fuel

    Finished: 10th (12-28, -42)

    Team MVP: Pongphop “Mickie” Rattanasangchod

    Is Mickie a best actor on a Dallas Fuel? No. Is he one of a chosen off-tanks in a league? Probably not, during slightest for many of a 2018 season. But could Dallas have survived this disaster of a deteriorate and even incited it around for a theatre playoff coming during a finish though Mickie? we overtly don’t consider so. When it comes to Overwatch, a healthy group energetic is important, and we saw this deteriorate how a Lunatic-Hai core did though a leader, Kim “EscA” In-jae, in a lineup. Although EscA was never a many arguable ace DPS actor in South Korea, his participation and a relaxing voice inside a group let Lunatic-Hai flower and win back-to-back domestic championships.

    Mickie does a same for Dallas. Be it in a news conference, onstage or in-game, Mickie’s witty opinion has extinguished any hint of play in a team. When Brigitte was introduced into a game, Mickie’s play inside a diversion started to compare his work outward of it. Sometimes being a many critical actor on a group isn’t always seen by usually pristine numbers on a screen.

    Offseason mood: Cautiously optimistic

    Like San Francisco, Dallas can go into a prolonged offseason with a bit of confidence around it after creation a theatre playoffs and all, though it needs to be cautious. This was a group approaching to be presumably personification in Brooklyn for a joining pretension in a preseason, and it is going to have to watch it from a stands. Aaron “Aero” Atkins is a manager Fuel fans can get vehement about, and while there will substantially need to be some tough decisions on whom to boat out and whom to keep on a roster, there is a emergence of a contender in Dallas. This was never some-more exemplified than when a Los Angeles Valiant in a post-stage news discussion certified that it wasn’t too fearful of any group it could accommodate in a semifinals given Dallas, a Achilles’ heel, would be blank a playoffs.

    Florida Mayhem

    Finished: 11th (7-33, -78)

    Team MVP: Ha “Sayaplayer” Jung-woo

    While Sayaplayer played usually half of a deteriorate with a Mayhem, it was one helluva half-season. On a group that had tiny to hearten about all season, with usually 7 victories, Sayaplayer’s Widowmaker play and violent highlights of snipe kills will be remembered as a best moments of a Mayhem’s initial season, along with a team’s pleasant and innovative entrances by a Blizzard Arena tunnel.

    Sayaplayer has a intensity to be one of a best DPS players in subsequent deteriorate and an MVP claimant if things swell in Florida. It is now adult to a Mayhem to get him a group with that he can surpass and be during his really best.

    Offseason mood: Motivated

    Florida is a good place to visit. Sun, beach, waves, and with a proven upper-management for a Mayhem in esports, this is a group that should be undone that it managed to pattern usually 7 wins during a initial season. Sayaplayer was a good signing by a Mayhem, and now a offseason will be a time for a group to continue to be assertive on a market.

    The Mayhem came into a deteriorate with usually 6 players, and it majorly backfired, with a group floundering via all 4 stages and eventually stagnating after a tiny change of movement from appropriation Sayaplayer. Florida can’t be as assured subsequent season. It will need a fuller roster, and nonetheless it competence be formidable to mangle into a tip 6 subsequent year, another deteriorate with usually single-digit victories would be an embarrassment.

    Shanghai Dragons

    Finished: 12th (0-40, -120)

    Team MVP: Weida “Diya” Lu

    I’m not going to lay here and pat all of a players on Shanghai’s behind for a hard-fought initial season. They failed. Going 0-40 is a disaster that will go down in a story of esports, digital or on a normal fields. But if there is one actor we do have magnetism for, it would be Diya, a Chinese ace DPS who desperately did all in his energy to benefit a feat for his group though couldn’t succeed.

    On a softened group with tangible structure, Diya could have flourished. Sadly, Shanghai was a fallen boat before it left a port, and Diya had to go an whole deteriorate though withdrawal as a favourite once. Next season, hopefully, Diya gets to leave a theatre with a grin for a initial time.

    Offseason mood: Angry

    I don’t wish a Dragons to feel unhappy or down. we wish Shanghai to be angry. we wish a group to do all in a energy this offseason to make certain that 0-40 never happens again in a franchise’s history. From tip to bottom, this group needs an overhaul, and with a offseason many approaching durability for five-to-six months, there should be some-more than adequate time to acquire and acclimate a starting register prepared to win by a time a 2019 deteriorate begins.

    Oh, hey, China’s best Overwatch actor in 2017, Huang “leave” Xin, usually announced his lapse to a diversion after holding many of 2018 off. Wait, he can play roughly each favourite during a pro level? Wow, he indeed can play Tracer? Maybe he could, we dunno, be a good place to start.

    China has some-more than usually Diya. It’s time for Shanghai to uncover that subsequent year.

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