Seagull explains because his Overwatch pennon dream group was canceled


by Michael Gwilliam

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Former Overwatch pro Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned suggested to his discuss that his due pennon group for Contenders was canceled since of Blizzard’s rules.

During a live stream, a former Dallas Fuel flex DPS was asked by one of his viewers about creation a group to contest in Contenders.

The renouned pennon explained that he would never do it since Blizzard’s manners about broadcasting matches done it unfit to make a tide group work.

“After Overwatch League, we deliberate doing a tide group and usually perplexing to get into Contenders and personification with friends,” Larned said. “But, we messaged a few people if they would ever cruise changing those manners and zero ever happened. So, we usually motionless not to do it.”

Overwatch Contenders is home to some of a game’s best rising talent and stars underneath a age of 18.

According to Seagull, players weren’t authorised to tide if they were in a Contenders match. “They usually wish a tide on a central stream,” he explained though total he would wish to do it in a opposite game.

Later on in a broadcast, a renouned pennon discussed a probability of streaming in Open Division – a tier next Contenders Trials. He pronounced that while he could tide with a delay, a problem that would arise is that his group of streamers would substantially stomp Open Division and have to exclude going into Contenders.

“It usually feels lame,” he said. “Like, we wish to have good games. It usually felt too awkward.”

It’s hapless since a tide group with tip Overwatch streamers such as Seagull, xQc, Dafran, Emongg, Fran or KarQ would be impossibly fun to watch with so most star energy and talent combined.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like Blizzard has any skeleton to change a manners on streaming any time shortly so a chances of removing a high-level tide group in Overwatch Contenders won’t be function for a foreseeable future.

In October, Blizzard announced changes were entrance to a Contenders format in 2020.

The biggest disproportion is a anniversary structure will be transposed by a bi-weekly contest array where placements will acquire teams points to validate for informal playoffs and eventually vital general live events such as a Atlantic and Pacific Showdowns.

Overwatch Contenders earnings in Jan 2020.




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