Screaming the approach by Outlast 2

It is a obvious fact in this universe that we am an easily-frightened ethereal small baby. Because of this, everybody has been perplexing to remonstrate me to play frightful games on camera.

Well, we attempted that progressing this year when Jeff and we played Resident Evil 7, and it finished me really, unequivocally indignant and sad. So instead of that, he’s personification Outlast 2 and I’m examination him and suffering.

Oh, and we put a heart rate guard on me so that we could know a scholarship behind my fear. And also that we should substantially work out or something. My heart rate skyrockets whenever we mount up.

October seems like a good time to inflict something so terrible on my person, so greatfully suffer this initial installment of Yellface.

You can of course, watch some-more overwhelming Polygon videos on our YouTube channel.

Also, this is a initial time we’ve finished such a straight-up Let’s Play format, so greatfully let us know what we consider of it. Do we skip a H2O challenge? Do we wish the camera battery hadn’t died? Me too.

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