Rumor: New 2019 Pokémon RPG is gonna be Breath of a Wild tier

With 2019 in a early days, we already have a first-hand news of some potentially good news and bad news for a Nintendo Switch to come. The good news is, that a rumored Pokemon RPG is pronounced to be on a turn of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild. The bad news is, we competence have to wait compartment 2020 to play a diversion instead of 2019.

The new 2019 Pokemon RPG competence not be entrance in 2019 after all

King Zell is a devoted leaker in a attention and it seems that their new posts on a gaming forum ResetEra have hinted that there is a clever possibility that a Pokemon RPG for this year could be pushed to 2020, though a tradeoff here is that we can design a Pokemon diversion to compare a peculiarity of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild.

At initial people speculated that Zell was still confused about being in 2018, that is common as we are not even a full week into 2019. He after simplified that they are wakeful of a date and indeed referring to 2020.

When serve probed about a post, Zell responded:

The posts from King Zell indeed fit good with a quote from Pokemon CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara:

“We wish to make Pokémon fans contend ‘this is what I’ve been watchful for’ by delivering a mint product packaged with gameplay elements and copiousness of new Pokémon to encounter.”

Perhaps a pierce towards an open universe diversion for Pokemon would be a gigantic change for a series. Admittedly fans have gotten sleepy of a linear course of a array with a miss of leisure of movement, though if a array is headed towards giving fans a loyal RPG experience, finish with an open world, we don’t consider it would be a problem.

Considering a large commend and success that Breath of a Wild achieved in 2017 and stability into 2018, we can usually suppose a same success repeating for a Pokemon diversion and totally jolt a array by a foundation.

What are your thoughts on a intensity of an open-world Pokemon game? Let us know in a comments territory below.

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