Road to E3 2016: Final Fantasy XV

Brace yourselves: E3 2016 is scarcely on us. From Jun 12-16, a whole gaming attention will intersect on Los Angeles to showcase a biggest games that we’ll be personification for 2016 and beyond. We’ve been updating a Games of E3 List whenever news drops, though now we’re going to go even deeper. Every day heading adult to a show, we’re going to be prominence one of a biggest games that we wish to see some-more of during E3. Up today: Final Fantasy XV!

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We got a outrageous dump of news on Final Fantasy XV during a Uncovered eventuality a few months back, including a Sep 30 recover date.


The Uncovered eventuality focused on a sprawling philharmonic that is XV. From a Kingsglaive film and Brotherhood anime series, to tie-ins with Audi and Florence and a Machine, Square-Enix is critical about creation a launch of XV an event. But while there were some unequivocally good trailers that showcased a places we’ll go, a people we’ll see, and a cars that will somehow fly, I’m unequivocally vehement to see Square-Enix hopefully concentration on gameplay during E3.

With a recover of XV usually a few months after a show, this is Square’s large possibility to finally let folks go hands-on with a large cube of a game. I’m vehement to see how a fight feels, generally after a changes that were done in a time between Episode Duscae and a Platinum Demo. I’m also stoked to get some time exploring a open universe and unequivocally removing a ambience of what a upsurge of a journey will be like.

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10/10. Square-Enix has reliable that Final Fantasy XV will be during a show. And plus, with a diversion entrance out only a few months after a show, this is a company’s final possibility to remind us all because Final Fantasy has been one of a premiere franchises in video games for decades.

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