Richmond County Daily Journal | Nursing home on ‘fire watch’

HAMLET — Richmond Pines Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center has been on 24-hour “fire watch” for several days as a outcome of sprinkler-system failures, Hamlet Fire Chief Calvin White pronounced Friday.

In addition, a mouthpiece for a Atlanta offices of a Center for Medical Medicaid Services — that inspects nursing homes to make certain they accommodate standards for sovereign Medicare and Medicaid payment — pronounced that a nursing home had sensitive state regulators it was seeking bids for work to correct detonate pipes.

“They’ve had some H2O issues (resulting from a new layer and freeze) that bled into this week, also,” White pronounced Friday afternoon. Those “issues” embody detonate pipes and an separate fall of a sprinkler system, he said. That complement was remade once, White said, yet unsuccessful a second time.

“(Consequently), their employees are reserved … to travel a wings checking rooms” for fire, White said. “They have to do that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” until a sprinkler complement has been repaired.

White pronounced tools of dual wings were influenced by H2O that had infiltrated a electrical system, forcing staff to immigrate patients. The nursing home called a county’s formula examiner as good as White, who contingency give a OK for an finish to a glow watch.

A mouthpiece for Nursing Home Licensure and Certification Section reliable Friday that Richmond Pines had done all “the suitable notifications” to a Department of Health and Human Services about a H2O difficulties.

Asked for sum on a leaks and how a nursing home was doing them, Administrator Kelly E. Gorham pronounced Friday that she had “no comments during this time.” Notices temperament Gorham’s name and posted on staff circular play forbade staff from creation comments “to a media.”

Principle Long Term Care, corporate owners of Richmond Pines, could not be reached for comment.

Whatever pipes detonate apparently did so within a nursing home. Hamlet Public Works Director Billy Stubbs pronounced conjunction he nor a H2O plant had any notice of problems during Richmond Pines.

Public Works would residence leaks or bursts usually between a H2O scale and a street. Richmond Pines apparently used a possess shutoff valves, Stubbs said.

It’s “about impossible” to tell how most H2O flooded a nursing home, Stubbs said; even yet a plant monitors surprising usage, it can't indispensably pinpoint where it occurs.

In mid-2017, CMS — a multiplication of a sovereign Department of Health and Human Services — taboo Richmond Pines from filing for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements as a outcome of a array of infractions documented by inspectors. The nursing home’s corporate owners also have racked adult tens of thousands of dollars in fines as a outcome of those infractions.

In October, Richmond County Superior Court systematic a owners of Richmond Pines to compensate $1.4 million to a family of a former proprietor who died as a outcome of bad care.

Medicare and Medicaid are sovereign word programs that financial caring for a aged and poor, respectively.

By Christine S. Carroll

Staff Writer

Staff Writer Gavin Stone contributed to this report. Reach Christine Carroll during 910-817-2673 or

Staff Writer Gavin Stone contributed to this report. Reach Christine Carroll during 910-817-2673 or

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