Review: The ‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Manga Is a Unique Adventure Perfect for Young Pokemon Trainers

Viz Media.

The initial volume of Pokemon Sun Moon contains a initial 3 chapters of a newest manga by Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto. A delay of a ongoing Pokemon Adventure series that’s run over in Japan given 1997, Pokemon Sun Moon is a lax instrumentation of a video games by a same name, yet a tract is roughly totally different.

Sun Moon follows a same lax settlement as other Pokemon Adventures comics, with dual protagonists (one masculine and one female, designed equally to a categorical characters of a game) any of whom have some arrange of simple occupation. Sun (the masculine protagonist) is essentially a courier, nonetheless he’s happy to do other jobs for pay, while Moon is an pledge pharmacist and archer. The span fast strike into any other and accommodate adult with Professor Kukui, though not before anticipating out a few simple sum about both characters and stumbling into their initial Legendary Pokemon.

Yamamoto’s design is geared towards younger kids, with an basic art character and a really unenlightened row layout. Most pages have 6 to 7 panels in them, many of that are tangled together to concede for a vast row to uncover off a large Pokemon conflict or an critical moment. Because of how a pages are laid out, your eye is mostly drawn towards a large row right as we spin a page. It’s not that a layouts are bad, though we feel like some kids (especially those unknown with a right-to-left format of reading manga) competence onslaught a bit during first.

Unlike a Pokemon video games, a Pokemon Sun Moon manga isn’t focused on following a standard coming-of-age Pokemon journey. Instead, a comic tries to suppose what it’s like to live in an tangible Pokemon world, with a trainers regulating their Pokemon during their bland activities instead of battling with them constantly. There’s no acid by high weed for Pokemon or perplexing to turn a Pokemon master in a manga; it’s a comic about (somewhat) common people removing dragged into large adventures. Still, a manga does constraint a lot of a game’s elements, usually in astonishing ways.

sun and moon manga

This is unapologetically an all-ages comic book, and adult fans should acknowledge that a manga is as many meant for an eight-year-old child as it is for them. Adult Pokemon fans will substantially still adore a Pokemon Sun Moon manga, though a common censure with a authorization is that it hasn’t grown adult with a strange fans, and this comic competence not be for those looking for a bit some-more from their Pokemon media.


The biggest downside to a new array has zero to do with calm of a comic, though rather a length. Pokemon Sun Moon is usually 3 chapters long, that is half a distance of many other manga published by Viz Media. While a book usually costs $4.99 compared to $9.99 for a full-length manga volume, and we still get a lot some-more story than a Western comic sole for a same price, we suspicion it was a small surprising that Viz chose to tell a new array 3 chapters during a time. Viz has published a Pokemon Adventures this approach for a final 3 series, so this isn’t accurately a new edition decision, though I’m extraordinary either it’s since a manga is marketed essentially towards children or if it’s since chapters of a comic are usually expelled on a monthly basement over in Japan.

Personally, we like Pokemon Adventures as a contrariety to a equally long-running Pokemon anime series. Both have been around for roughly all of a Pokemon franchise’s history, and both have found totally opposite interpretations of what a universe is like. This is a good opening section to what should be a fun new Pokemon adventure, and it’s a must-read for younger fans of a Pokemon authorization or for a immature during heart.