Review: Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir resurrects one of a best 2D Action RPGs

Platform: PS4 (reviewed), PS3, PS Vita

Previously Released: PS2

Developer: Vanillaware

Publisher: Atlus


While we would wish that Odin Sphere needs no introduction, as it was one of a many singular games we played on PS2, a existence is that it was utterly a niche game. Its singular art impression that Vanillaware determined in a prior diversion patrician GrimGrimoire, was even some-more beautiful here, and featured 5 playable characters, any with their possess personal storylines.

I remember amatory it when we initial played it behind in 2007, meditative of it as a nearby flawless game. Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir is an updated chronicle of a strange 2007 game. In this day and age of remasters and remakes, Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir is a resplendent instance in this area, as it’s radically a whole new game, during slightest in many of a mechanics.

Odin Sphere

What was aged is new

Had we not re-familiarized myself with a original, we substantially wouldn’t have remembered a sluggish, some-more stamina formed combat. Every movement would take divided stamina, forcing your impression to stop and take a breather, withdrawal them open to attacks. While it was a some-more vital take on combat, ensuring a diversion doesn’t spin a symbol masher, Leifthrasir is positively some-more movement based. But I’ll get to a quarrel a bit later.

Everything else is also streamlined. Gaining a good quarrel class is easier now that we can actively see a class as you’re fighting. Combining equipment is a zephyr and even things like planting seeds and harvesting them is altered up, given we can now recover Phozons yourself, instead of relying on them from enemies.

Distinct characters, graphic storylines

Part of what creates Odin Sphere such a good diversion is how it subverts a idea that 2D kick ’em ups should be brief affairs. Beating any character’s story mode will take somewhere between 6-8 hours, depending on how consummate we wish to be with exploring any stage.

It also proves we don’t need imagination 3D cutscenes for stellar impression development. Odin Sphere deals with some joyless storylines and is means to communicate any character’s tension on a 2D plane.

All of a characters also interweave by any other’s stories, definition we get to see a entirety of any dispute from mixed indicate of views. Sure, we do withdraw levels you’ve already been in, yet given how opposite any impression plays, it creates those retreads value it.

Aside from a opposite weapons any impression wields that radically changes how any impression behaves in combat, they also have entrance to a accumulation of skills and sorcery spells that we can acquire and spin adult as we play, with any simply permitted possibly by symbol presses, symbol combo inputs, or even simply selecting them from a menu while a diversion is paused.

Odin Sphere

But seriously, that combat

Those that enjoyed Odin Sphere’s strange some-more stamina-based quarrel competence sneer during Leifthrasir’s some-more action-based combat, yet there is a lot of shade to it. Now, your stamina or POW sign usually goes down when executing several skills, definition we can penetrate and condense your approach to feat in any fight. But that doesn’t meant it becomes a foolish symbol masher.

If we could proportion a quarrel to another Vanillaware game, it would be closest to Muramasa: The Demon Blade: Much like Muramasa: The Demon Blade, a quarrel revolves around “flow,” chaining attacks together to fundamentally juggle your enemies around, and examination your combo scale go adult in a hundreds. You’ll go from belligerent formed attacks, chaining it with a ability that knocks your rivalry adult into a air, where we atmosphere lurch around them, knocking them even further, laying down one some-more combo conflict before outstanding them down into a belligerent and following that adult with an intensely gratifying belligerent pound.

However, with that said, a quarrel is a lot easier this time around. we never had a tough time removing an S ranking in a lot of a fights, and never got anything reduce than an A ranking. So if we wish a challenge, don’t play on Normal, given it’s a small too easy.

And out of combat?

Leifthrasir ensures that even when you’re not in combat, you’re still intent in other activities. There are copiousness of alchemy recipes to find and order that assistance out possibly defensively with several stat boosts or health restoratives, or offensively, permitting we to serve hulk whirlwinds or volcanic blasts out of a ground.

Planting fruit and eating food is also a illusory approach to safeguard you’re always gripping yourself during a correct level, given all we devour earns we XP. You can possibly collect your possess fruit or animals, or simply move mixture to a roving cook that will whip adult tasty looking 2D food in an instant, for extraordinary health and XP boosts.

Odin Sphere

Gorgeous and smooth

It’s no tip that Vanillaware are masters during beautiful 2D graphics, and they still reason adult today, even yet a strange diversion came out in 2007. The art is reworked for 1080p, that creates it mount out that most more, and a animation for all from a particular characters to enemies still demeanour incredible.

It’s also value observant that a diversion performs remarkably during 60fps, that a strange Odin Sphere had large issues with. Now, even with a shade filled with enemies, we won’t have any issues gripping that combo going as a framerate stays unchanging throughout.

Purists rejoice

Leifthrasir also includes a full strange chronicle of a game, even playable in a 4:3 format, giving we radically dual games to play in one available package. If we do have seductiveness in checking out a original, we would advise doing so before personification a updated version. The disproportion in gameplay mechanics could spin we off after experiencing a revamped and most some-more liquid impression of a updated game.

However, even those not meddlesome in checking out a strange should during slightest play a tutorial, to see usually how most work was put into a reworked version, and usually how opposite a diversion as a whole is. It truly creates we conclude Vanillaware for their efforts.

Odin Sphere

Pricey, yet value it

The PS4 chronicle of Leifthrasir will cost we a full $59.99, that for a remaster sounds rather expensive. Especially given a illusory Valkyria Chronicles expelled for usually $29.99. With that said, Leifthrasir is roughly like an wholly new game, with new mechanics, and even new story elements. Not to discuss it also includes a entirety of a strange diversion packaged in as well.

The PS3 and Vita versions are cheaper, going for $49.99 and $39.99 respectively, so if cost is an emanate and we have entrance to those versions, we could go that route.

Despite a price, Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir is a illusory game, and we roughly couldn’t trust that one of my favorite games on a PS2 got a diagnosis it did. If you’re unsure, we could always try out a demo, yet trust me, this is one 2D Action RPG that’s totally value it.

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